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Putin Rules Out Russian Ground Operations in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin: No boots on the ground in Syria

With all the talks about the recent Russian engagement in the war against terror in Syria, many have gone wild in their dreams to the extent of imagining Russian soldiers fighting on the battlefields in Syria.

Russian armed forces unlike the mercenaries of the US Marines serve in their country’s military to protect their countries and not to be used as pawns in fights for the interests of the few. They will engage when their country is directly threatened.

Russian President Vladimir Putin: No boots on the ground in Syria
Russian President Vladimir Putin: No boots on the ground in Syria

“No land operations or participation of Russian army units has ever been considered or ever could be.” ~Russian President Vladimir Putin in a press conference post his speech at UN GA.

Belittling the heroism, bravery and sacrifices by the Syrian Arab Army soldiers and by Syrian forces armed units fighting under the authority of the Syrian government, is one type of the psychological warfare against the Syrian people played effectively by the western mainstream propagandists and unfortunately parroted effectively by many who think it’s useful to exaggerate the contribution of any other force fighting terrorists in Syria.

We shared earlier this year part of an interview with a top Hizbullah official Muhammad Raad who heads the party’s parliament bloc confirming that the SAA, Syrian Arab Army, is capable alone to defeat terror in Syria, although his party’s fighters are contributing in a couple of battles against Nusra Front (formerly alQaeda Levant) and some ISIS groups.

President Putin mentioned many times the significance of the battles the SAA fights alone all over the country and a Kurdish group in some parts in the northeast. Even a western prominent reporter Robert Fisk in one of his posts from the side of an SAA unit confessed: ‘They are winning an unwinnable war.

The Syrian people have paid a heavy tax in blood, souls and suffering for more than 4.5 years on behalf of the whole humanity to fight back waves of tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists imported from all sides of the planet paid for and trained by the same ‘Humanitarian Bastards’ crying crocodile tears for the Syrians. No other troops can add anything significant nor is required. We only asked to exert some pressure against the states sponsoring terrorists not strengthening them economically and namely we mean the state sponsors of terror in Turkey, Saudi, Israel and Qatar.

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