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Syria Law Enforcement Makes another Huge Captagon Bust

Syrian Security confiscates large quantity of narcotics, drugs, and captagon pills

Syria law enforcement has again made another huge confiscation of Captagon. The most recent confiscation was found in a multi-ton MAN truck, headed from Qussayr, Homs, toward Aleppo.

NATO-backed terrorist remnants in Aleppo countryside have increased attacks against civilian populations of the city, since prior to the Astana meetings and the short-lived ‘cessation of hostilities’ agreement. 

Massive quantities of this criminal drug were found in the wheels of the MAN truck and hidden with such precision inside, that industrial electrical saw was needed to cut through thick metal enclosures.

Video also available on BitChute:

As is the standard — or, rather, the lack thereof — western media remain silent over this massive confiscation of illegal drugs being trafficked into Syria.

Captagon is a habit-forming, illicit amphetamine drug that contains the bronchodilator, theophylline; expanding the bronchial tree of the lungs potentiates the effects of the amphetamine. Amphetamines are nicknamed “speed,” because they accelerate the body’s physiology, including the production of emotional hormones.

Captagon was first manufactured in the west, in the early 60s. It was wrongfully used for weight reduction, the very rare narcolepsy, and generic fatigue. The US stopped manufacturing it in the 80s, finally realizing it had no medical use. Contrary to the criminal lies of various western media, unlike in the US, Syria never manufactured Captagon.

WaPo exhibited its anti-Syria arrogance by claiming the ‘highly addictive pill [is] produced in Syria,’ even while quoting a UNDOC representative: “[w]ho is doing the manufacturing, that’s not something we have visibility into from a distance.”

Washington Post WaPo Propaganda Report about Captagon Pills in Syria
WaPo Propaganda Report on Captagon Pills in Syria by anti-Syria Liz Sly

The huge shipment of the psychotropic stimulant — along with other, unidentified illicit drugs — is believed to have come from Lebanon, again.

Captagon is an excellent drug for enhancing the deranged savagery of the criminally insane, NATO- and Gulfies-armed terrorists, in Syria.

A member of the FSA grills a severed head of a decapitated officer – Idleb

As the Syrian Arab Army continues to fulfill President Assad’s promise that “every inch” of Syria will be freed from foreign-owned pathogens, there has been an increase in attempted trafficking of Captagon to the savages. This most recent interception is the third large shipment confiscated in August, and western media have not reported on any of them.

Those of principled character might marvel at this silence — especially given the non-stop US media hysteria on the “opioid crisis” — and the nasty double standard the silence demonstrates.

Thinking minds might remember the Iran/Contra horror, that had the US taxpayer funding the CIA’s dumping crack cocaine and weapons into American cities, to pay the costs of arming terrorists in Central America.

Perhaps the CIA oversees the illicit Captagon manufacturing in Lebanon?

Iran/Contra techniques used against Syria?

Syria News will continue to report on the successes of law enforcement seizures of this psycho-stimulant. At the current time, various terrorists and their supporters are engaged in various forms of fratricide; the gangs are burning flags of the rabid Erdogan, in effigy, they are firing guns at each other, and hordes of them are trying to knock down a border wall, to force themselves into Turkey.

Leaving them to be minced by the advancing SAA, Erdogan’s terrorists protest at the borders

Such chaos among the demons will likely increase the attempts to traffic Captagon to those left behind.

Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Miri Wood

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