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Syria: Israeli War Crimes, Increase in NATO Attempts at New Sykes-Picot

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Syria is once again ignored by NATO-affiliated, imperial supremacist media as Israel has again criminally bombed Damascus, as NATO-Turkey continues to attempt to annex part of the Levantine Republic, as the NATO junta ruling the UN continues to ignore Syrians blown up by IEDs, and as the Brandon regime ups American criminal invaders to loot oil.

On Thursday evening, 2300 Damascene time, Israeli aggressors — taking advantage of the fact that the new Sykes-Picot supremacists do not care how many war crimes the rogue state perpetrates — bombed parts of Damascus, murdering at least three Syrians and causing material damage to undisclosed types of infrastructure.

The video is also available on YouTube, BitChute, Rumble, and Odysee.

This is Omar al Sheikh. He was at work as the Head of the Cargo Department at the Damascus International Airport. One of Israel’s bombs killed him.

Israel’s latest deadly attacks were ground-to-ground bombings launched from the Syrian Golan occupied by the US’s now second-biggest welfare queen. This occupation has persisted since 1967; despite UNSC Resolutions beginning with 242, the fraudulent bastion of peace and security has not enforced this, or any of its subsequent resolutions regarding the occupation that is an affront to the Geneva Agreements.

UNSCR 242 (1967) called for Israel to remove its illegal occupying troops from Syria.
UNSCR 242 (1967) called for Israel to remove its illegal occupying troops from Syria.

Also on Thursday, another child was injured by a terrorist planted landmine in the Souran village of Hama, Syria. The two SANA reporters — who write as though they might be helped by a few units of packed red blood cells, each — did not concern themselves to mention the condition of the “injured” child: Did he or she lose one or more limbs? Is he or she in stable or critical condition?

While the barely warm-body quasi journalists did mention that “Last Monday, three civilians were wounded by an explosion of a landmine left behind by terrorists in the town of Sukayk in the northeastern Hama countryside,” neither gave any details.

This angry journalist can not remember a single SANA report demanding to know where the uber corrupt United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) frauds have been since the bogus signing of the useless Memorandum of Understanding between UNMAS and Damascus way back on 4 July 2018, after which the expensively coiffed Agnes Marcaillou provided the Security Council with a meticulous list of deaths of dismemberments in Syria, from landmines and IEDs, after which she washed her hands (or engaged in other areas of cleansing) of the phony promise of assistance in cleaning up those heinous landmines, which fall like manna from the NATO heavens.

Given the abrupt ‘outbreak’ of the zoonotic monkeypox, that almost never involves human-to-human transmission, but whose reservoirs are more rodents than monkeys, the author now is forced to restrain herself in demanding Syria import Giant Pouched African Rats who can sniff out landmines and IEDs without detonating them — unless they can be checked for the monkeypox that increasingly sounds like the “bioterrorism” about which Gates and the US FDA have frequently warned us, and for which the WHO — following closely upon its newly completed G7 pandemic simulation is now convening an emergency meeting.

The Giant African Pouched Rat would be more useful than NATO's UNMAS, & obviously more noble
The Giant African Pouched Rat would be more useful than NATO’s UNMAS, & obviously more noble.

As with previous war criminal bombings of the Syrian Arab Republic by US welfare queen Israel, SANA made its standard, pathetic whimpers about “most” missiles — never all — being intercepted by Syrian Air Defenses.

Thursday’s deadly criminal attacks by Israel follow on the recent news of Turkey, Israel, Al Qaeda, Kurdish SDF Coordinated Attacks against Syria; the criminal Biden Forces Occupying Syria’s Largest Gas Field Carry out a Military Drill; and US-Sponsored ISIS Terrorists carrying out two more assassinations of politicians in Daraa Province.

For the truly innocent among our readers who may wonder why the UN that has become hysterical over Ukraine, how every western leader has safely gone to Kiev to grovel before the reputed cocaine-lover, offering him billions while American taxpayers are faced with unprecedented food and housing insecurity, while the every two week Israeli bombing of Syria is ignored, while Brandon’s looting of Syria’s oil and grain reserves is ignored, why armed insurrectionists of the SDF are cheered for their ethnic cleansing, why NATO Erdogan is cheered for attempted annexation, depravation of water, food, and of course, countless war criminal bombings, Syria News again shares the tears of arrogant, supremacists, filthy racists news media and skank politicians wailing that Urkrainians (including Azov Nazis) with blue eyes and blonde hair, who are Europeans, who are Christians should never, ever suffer any injury — after all, they are not brown-skinned Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians.

Look at the blatant racism of these mournful, western exceptionalists, and it becomes obvious why the spawns of Satan are oblivious to the butchery of Syria.

Perhaps the next time the hypocrites stand on their anti-racist soapboxes made of the bones of Syrians and others, you may take a moment to suggest they cleanse themselves of their deadly, hateful, filth.

Miri Wood

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