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Biden Sends US Troops Back to the West of the Euphrates in northern Syria

US Army in Aleppo countryside northern Syria - Biden forces - الجيش الامريكي قوات احتلال في ريف حلب شمال سورية

Biden pushed troops of the US army back to the west of the Euphrates in northern Syria years after their partial withdrawal a couple of years ago, the region is occupied by the Turkish Army and its sponsored groups of Al Qaeda terrorists.

This transport of cannon fodders of the US army comes amidst military drills by US troops illegally deployed in Syria’s largest gas and oil fields, Conoco and Al Omar, respectively.

It seems the goal of the Biden’s military ‘strategists’ is to engage Russia and open a new high tension front keeping the Russians on high alert while pushing to help the Turkish madman to Israelize large areas in the northern Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, and Hasaskah, parts to give to the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, others to give to Al Qaeda terrorist groups.

The following report by Reda Al-Basha for the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel sheds more light on these latest risky criminal US developments:

The video is also available on YouTubeBitChuteRumble, and Odysee.


Less than a week after Turkey raised the level of military escalation in northern Syria, American patrols accompanied by Turkish forces in the Euphrates Shield areas north of Aleppo.

For the first time since the start of the war on Syria, the US forces crossed the east of the Euphrates region to its west in messages that Washington wants it to confirm that it is heading to raise the level of escalation in Syria, especially after the return of its forces to its military bases from which it withdrew previously in eastern Aleppo.

Muhammad Kamal al-Jafa – expert in military and strategic affairs: “The trend towards the so-called establishment of federation, we hear talk about this issue again and through several sites, and therefore I think that there is an American interest today in increasing pressures, not only on Syria but on Russia, in connection with the tensions that the world is witnessing.”

An American desire to establish a federation in northwest Syria, similar to its northeast, collides with Turkish fears of the consequences of establishing the role of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party east of the Euphrates, but it intersects with Erdogan’s ambition to establish a safe area north of Aleppo.

al-Jafa: “I do not think that it is in Erdogan’s interest to establish a federation in northwestern Syria that it would be compatible with establishing a federation in northeastern Syria, and this contradicts the permanent Turkish demands to remove the threat of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. I also think that the Turkish demands come in the context of pressure and achieving more gains.”

In front of the American messages and the Turkish ambition, the scene of the flight of Russian warplanes emerged over the areas of the Euphrates Shield and the Olive Branch, less than hours after the arrival of the American forces in the region, in what seemed to be a message from Moscow confirming its strong presence in Syria far from any other considerations.

In front of the Russian wall and Syrian messages north of Aleppo, the American desire to establish a federation in northwest Syria stands in front of challenges, the most important of which is the fear of ending the state of non-conflict between Moscow and Washington in Syria, which pushes Ankara to exploit reality in search for a safe area, which Damascus has long confirmed not to accept, whatever the circumstances.

Reda Al-Basha, Aleppo – Al-Mayadin.

End of the transcript.

The US regimes have enough resources to wage wars across the globe, causing one disaster after the other, destabilizing countries, displacing millions of people, killing and maiming tens of thousands of innocent human beings, and causing all sorts of natural disasters as if they’re carrying out the job the Antichrist is tasked to do, all of this while their own USA is literally is deteriorating, the infrastructure is collapsing, the healthcare system across the country is reduced a hospital a month, the population of US citizens on food stamps exceeds 15%, the homeless numbers are going high by the day, and on top of that, the highest uncontrollable spiraling debt, which adds a billion dollars every few minutes and the Congress just added 40 more billion dollars to fund the Nazis in Ukraine on top of it!

For foreign observers, it’s obvious the US regimes who continue to think the same way for decades have come to conclusions that maintaining the military might of the USA, even if it’s by means of destabilizing other countries, would extend the life of their own federal state before its inevitable imploding, this is the only explanation for the efforts and funds the US politicians are willing to spend on destroying other countries instead of fixing their own, northern Syria is no exception, directly assisting Al Qaeda and its different variants is also not an issue for the regimes of Biden and his predecessors.

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