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Takfiri Militants in Syria

The foreign-supported groups of jihadists and militants in Syria fighting the secular government in Damascus in order to implement a Islamist state in Syria and to achieve some benefits (money, power, women) while they are also carrying out endless acts of torturing, massacring and the killing of Syrian civilians in their acts of pillages and uncontrolled violence and fanatical religious rage, have a tough stand in Syria now.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) conducts numerous mop-up and cleansing operations since weeks in the entire country and the units of the Syrian military try their best to remove the foreign-backed terrorists and Takfiri militants from Syrian soil. In addition, the most battles are finally a success for the troops of the Syrian army and the armed jihadists are either killed or flee from the battle fields. The urban warfare in some cities of Syria is a tough task for the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) but the troops will finally succeed in these battles – it is just a matter of time.

The recent weeks were overall a huge success for the units of the Syrian army and they will be able to restore safety and security again in the parts of Syria that are still occupied by the Wahhabi terrorists and foreign-backed militants. Some parts of the Syrian borders are secured finally and the help of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah near the Syrian border to Lebanon was a successful move of both sides to eliminate the militants in this area and to cut off the supply lines of the terrorists.

In addition, the Iraqi border patrols are finally more interested to secure the borders since it became a fact that the most militants (crossing this border) are either members of the CIA-backed Al Qaeda or religious fanatics who want to support the jihadists in Syria in order to implement an Islamist state in the secular country by the help of Western governments.

For example, border patrols from the Iraqi army were able to eliminate four known leaders of the Al Qaeda branch when these militants tried to cross the border and to sneak into Syria. The Iraqi killed these four Al Qaeda leaders and arrested four other militants in the Iraqi province of al-Anbar when these militants wanted to sneak into Syria through the area of al-Qaem. The border controls of Iraq also destroyed four SUV cars and had success to dismantle a car bomb. They further found a weapons cache and a workshop that was used to make car bombs and other explosives in the Lazqa valley, which is also located near the Iraqi border to Syria.

While the Iraqi military has cared about these Al Qaeda weapons cache and workshop as well as about the militants, the Syrian army still continues the mop-up and cleansing operations in several parts of the country.

Soldiers Executing Improvised Explosive Device Sweep in Iraq
Soldiers Executing Improvised Explosive Device Sweep in Iraq

The battles in the Western city of Homs are still not ended and the units of the Syrian army were at least able to gain some more metres yesterday. The battles between the units of the Syrian army in the countryside of Latakia (Lattakia) were successful so far and numerous jihadists and militants were already killed in recent days. It is to hope that also the Lattakia Mountains are soon secure again.

The battles in the countryside of the Syrian capital Damascus are also a success for the units of the Syrian army, although these battles are a tough task for the troops of the army. Same applies for the urban warfare in the Western part of Homs and in the operations in and around the strategically important city of Aleppo (Halab).

You can expect more good news about the operations of the Syrian army today. The attempts of the foreign supporters of the jihadists and militants in Syria (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, France, Britain, Germany, Washington, …) to help the gunmen and Islamists that they are able to implement a turning point in the battles against the troops of the Syrian army and are able to protect their occupied areas again by receiving more modern weapons and support of these foreign powers won`t have success.

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  1. viks

    The syrian army will rout the takfiris in the next 8 months. Papa Jihad Erdogan and Mama. Virgin Qatar is biting the hard dust. The Syrian army must not take any rat alive. The Saudi lemurs must be paid back in installments for the genocide they committed in Syria. The Kikes must be very worried, with Qusayr falling to Hezbollah, i say dare not steal Lebanese oil, the party will deliver a descisive strike in the Kike lower abdomen. The Syrian army, the protector of the only secular state in entire middle east must not give up and cleanse the land of the filth and fanaticism. God bless Dr. Bashar Al Assad, the slayer of Satan and the protector of the Syrian nation.


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