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Syria to Provide Crimea with Phosphate and Other Goods

Crimea - Syria - Russia Relations Cooperation Summit - Ukraine - سورية القرم روسيا اوكرانيا

Syria to export phosphate to Crimea for the production of different sorts of fertilizers, Crimean Minister of Industry stated.

Andre Vasiota, the Crimean Minister of Industr, confirmed that the Syrian State is ready to export phosphate to the peninsuila where the Crimean Titan factory is in need of this raw material to produce different sorts of fertilizers.

The minister added that the part of the factory which produces fertilizers is closed today, while all its technical parts are completed and it was built especially to receive the Syrian phosphate, and that the Syrian state is ready to provide this material once we apply for it.

Other agricultural products that can’t be planted there can also be imported, especially some vegetables, fruits and citruses, and Crimea can export to Syria grains and materials used to build railways, welding equipment, and others.

The Crimean minister emphasized on the positive role the commercial ports in his country will play to contribute in this trade.

A high level of delegates from Crimea has visited Syria earlier in October, last year, and held series of meetings and negotiations with their counterparts in Syria, which resulted in a number of mutual agreements signed in the economic scientific – technical cooperation sectors, as well as establishing a trade chamber, a maritime transport company, exchange goods, and establish flights between the two countries.

Syria was the main exporter of high quality phosphate in the world before the ‘War of Terror’ waged against it by the enemies of humanity, the USA and its stooges. After cleaning Tadmor (Palmyra) from the anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide jihadists, operations resumed in the phosphate fields there.

Syria used to have very strong relations with Ukraine in the past before the Neo-Nazis took over that beautiful country and threw it under the feet of the USA and the Zionists who control the USA, thus turning a strong pride country into a slave.

Ukraine, under the New-Nazis, became a hub to export weapons to conflict areas in Syria, Libya, and elsewhere, on the request of the CIA, and the central government in Kiev cared only on how to please its new masters in the US, and their masters, instead of caring for its own people and its people’s interest, which resulted in changing the country’s traditional alliance from a peace-loving country aligned with the oldest civilizations on the planet, to a warmongering country and a pawn in the hands of the West.

These developments led the ethnic people in regions which were under the control of Ukraine to seek independence from what Ukraine has become and refused to be the cannon-fodders in the West war of hegemony against the East. Crimea and parts of East Ukraine declared independance, and remained in where geography, history and logic placed them.

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