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Syrian Investments Abroad Refute Claims Syrian Refugees Are a Burden on the Host Countries

Syrian Business Abroad - Turkey - Jordan - GCC - Lebanon - Jordan

Coinciding with the bashing Syrians continue to be subjected to in neighboring countries, with the last one the Lebanese accusation that their presence had very negative impact on the social, economical and political living standards there, the latest reports and studies find that the Syrians have managed to add improvements on the economies of the countries they sought refuge at, that was reflected in many successful projects in all fields.

Throughout history, Syrians have never been a burden on anybody, rather they carry within themselves enormous productivity abilities, and they have directly contributed in increasing the levels of development in the host countries. These countries have benefited from the presence of the Syrians as well from the aid it received for hosting them, and through the Syrians massive spending from their own pockets, in addition to the Syrians contribution in economic activities in those countries, due to the financial abilities they have and the effective exceptional expertise in trade and industry.

The Egyptian government has confirmed a 30% increase of Syrian investments in the last year comparing with the year before. New capital injected in newly formed companies owned by Syrians in Egypt during the year 2018 has reached US$69.93 Million, as per an official government report.

The report records the total number of companies established by Syrians there at 818 companies, which comprises One-Fourth of the number of companies formed by foreigners, making the Syrian investments in Egypt the largest comparing with those of citizens of countries that were affected by the US-led ‘Regime Change’ plot, like Libya and Yemen.

Lebanese researchers stated in a report prepared for the Research and Consultations Establishment in Beirut that the Syrian refugees in Lebanon have added US$2 billion annually via foreign aid for the refugees, in addition to what the Syrian refugees spend from their own monies, savings and remittances they receive from abroad. The report added that the Syrian spending on education, health and investment in Lebanon has contributed to the Lebanese GDP, where half of the GDP, at least, came from the Syrians spending in Lebanon.

Turkish ‘TEPAV’ economic research policies center stated that the Syrians have established more than 10,000 companies in Turkey with an average of 4 companies a day during 7 years only. Turkish Daily Sabah newspaper added that more than 59% of Syrian businessmen in Turkey have achieved astonishing successes, and that was based on a research by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Turkish TEPAV Center.

Omar Kadkoy, a research associate at Turkish TEPAV detailed the following:

  • The number of registered and non-registered Syrian companies in Turkey is estimated to be at 10,000
  • The number of registered Syrian companies in Turkey since 2011 until today is 6,033 companies
  • The registered companies invested ~ 334 million dollars as seed capital
  • Syrians rank first among foreigner entrepreneurs who set up new companies every year in Turkey since 2013
  • On average, Syrian SMEs have been active in Turkey since two and half years
  • Syrian SMEs average annual income is $ 463,000
  • Syrians SMEs on average hire 9.4 employees
  • Owners of 67% of the SMEs are university graduates
  • Owners of 76% of SMEs will keep the businesses in running Turkey even after the war stops in Syria
  • Sector breakdown of the SMEs:
  • 39% in wholesale and retail sector
  • 19% in manufacturing
  • 10% in accommodation and food services
  • Gaziantep is the hub for SMEs in the manufacturing sector while Istanbul is the hub for the SMEs in accommodation and food services
  • 40% of the SMEs say language is the biggest obstacle
  • Owners of 73% of the SMEs say it is easy to establish a business in Turkey.

Not only the Turks are benefiting from the Syrians and their businesses there, many are attacking the Syrians, who are not in refugee camps and living on their own account, just to give you an idea on how criminal the Turks minds are and how hostile they are, watch this short clip by Ruptly:

The concentration camps in Turkey for Syrians dubbed ‘refugee camps’ became a center for human trafficking, human organ trade, white slavery, and recruitment hub for Erdogan’s new-Ottoman expansionist dream.

In Jordan, the Syrian financial positive effect has reached US$4 billion annually, about 20% of the total development in Jordan, and that’s all thanks to the Syrian economic contributions, based on studies by Jordanian researchers.

Syrian investments in Sudan were ranked second during the year 2016, and has increased in the following years. A government statistic distributed by Sudafax network in 2016 estimates the number of Syrians residing in Sudan has exceeded 200,000, and the number of investors have jumped from 200 to 3000 since 2011.

We have not mentioned the investments Syrians have pumped in the Gulf which saved those economies after the 2008 – 2009 financial crisis that brought the Gulfies economies to the ground. Some of the main property developers who continued to work in at least 3 major Gulfies cities are Syrian-owned, financed and managed.

Yet, many officials in the countries, many pundits and many citizens use the Syrian refugees in those countries to blame for their failures and to try to blackmail the Syrian state.

If they are not happy with the Syrian refugees there, why are they not allowing them to return to Syria and instead are placing obstacles in their way? Let’s always keep in mind that the main cause of the Syrian refugees outside their country was those same countries that are non-stop whining of the ‘burden’ of hosting Syrian refugees.

Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, all the GCC (Gulfies), and Western Europe, have all played negative roles in supporting terrorist groups to destroy Syria, Saudi and Qatar alone financed terrorists to the tune of $137 Billion as per the confession of former Qatari PM. Egypt, during the one-year rule of the Muslim Brotherhood declared ‘Jihad’ (Holy War) against Syria.

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