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Syria News Most Important 28 December- 3 January

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Syria is currently being ignored by NATO and derivative media sources. The exception is the new round of hysteria over Trump’s new statement that he never gave a timetable for the withdrawal of illicit US troops. Not noticed by various journalists and readers is that the mass hysteria that ensued following his 19 December tweet did not notice that he gave no time frame then, either.

Syria News refuses to ignore the moral bankruptcy of MSM journalists and various pathological Trump haters, who jump on his every faux pas, cheer his war crimes, and give him a free pass — yet again — when he flaunts his immense ignorance by belching to his Cabinet that “we’re talking about sand and death.” Just for the record, “Syria is civilization before being a state,” civilization dating back 10,000 years.

On 28 December, there was a public celebration in Manbij (also transliterated as “Menbej”) for the Syrian Arab Army entering the city and hoisting the country’s flag.

This is Lt. Mohammed Salloum. Multiple sources report that he was the Syrian soldier into whose face an illegitimate US captain thrust his weapon, demanding the removal of the Syrian flag, in Manbij. He refused, and eventually, the criminal American troops walked away. At this writing, there are no details beyond this photo, his name, and a short video clip.

Lt. Mohammed Saloum starred down US invader savage
SAA Lt. Mohammed Salloum

On 31 December, 3 civilians were injured in Mhardeh, from mortars fired from Ltamenah, of course. Ltamenah is occupied by Saudi-owned Jaish al Ezza, the gang of terrorists used as reputable sources for UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Lab’s criminal propaganda against Syria, almost one year ago. The largest massacre of civilians in Mhardeh by the al Ezza terrorists was on 8 September 2018, when 10 persons were killed by their ‘moderate’ mortars and missiles from Ltamenah.

Terrorists in Aleppo countryside celebrated the New Year by bombing the al Arabi Teacher School on Nile Street.

fares tweet on aleppo bombed school
aleppo school bombed
neighborhood schools

Also, on 1 January, a convoy of 30 “combat units” (less diplomatically known as separatist/terrorists factions of armed Kurds) left Manbij to relocate in Qara Qozag, east of the Euphrates River. At least on gang left in a Toyota truck. SANA reports that a total of 400 moved from the Syrian city.

1 ziokurds leave to qara qozag in at least one toyota truck

On 2 January, the government announced that upwards of 500 Internally Displaced Persons (“IDP”‘s) had returned to various villages and towns in areas of Deir Ezzor that have been liberated from takfiri, by the SAA.

idp's returning to deir ezzor villages

Also on 2 January, the Syrian Arab Army thwarted terrorists’ plans in Hama countryside.

On 3 January, various factions of NATO and Gulfies paid, criminally insane and greedy terrorists engaged in the most deadly of fratricidal fights, in Aleppo countryside. According to the savages’ own reports, light and heavy weapons were used, and 50 of these “beasts with two legs” killed each other. Unfortunately, in their blood-lusting frenzy, the demons also martyred tens of Syrian civilians, in addition to causing massive destruction of homes and other properties.

The most heinous atrocity against Syria of this New Year, also occurred today, 3 January, when the Trump-led war criminal coalition again bombed Deir Ezzor countryside. On this occasion, 11 civilians from one family were annihilated, and multiple housing units were destroyed in the village of al Sha’afa.

At this writing, the morally bankrupt media of the faux neutral, conservative, and liberal in the western world, have chosen to ignore the slaughter…yet again.

Miri Wood

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