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Syria: Al Qaeda FSA Rebels Work for Israel By Confession

One of their main claims why they are fighting the Syrian government, the Syrian Army and the Syrian people, the Islamists coming from all over the world say it’s because for about 40 years the Syrian Army didn’t fire a bullet through Golan Heights. This by itself is an insult to the thousands of Syrian soldiers and officers lost defending Lebanon 1978 through 1982 and putting a stop to the Lebanese civil war fueled by the Zionist west. The massive support the Syrian Army gave to the resistant movements in Lebanon that led to the liberation of this country in the year 2000 from israeli occupation, and helped defeat the israelis in the 2006 war, the same with the Palestinian resistance in Gaza in the war 2008 and just last month when it managed to hit in the heart of the Zionist settlers entity.
If you want to further find out why Syrian Army didn’t open the Golan Heights front during the past period while it was busy engaging with Israeli & American Marines in Lebanon, check this post: Why Didn’t Syrian Army Attack israel Since 1973 War? 
But if you are fighting the Syrians for not fighting the Israelis in the Golan, how can you explain destroying the Syrian defenses that would protect Syrian cities from any stupidity the terrorist IDF organization can carry out with the help of the US mercenaries? How do you explain attacking a Syrian Army listening post in the Golan Heights for warning of any Israeli hostility movements? How do you explain assassinating minds in the Syrian Army and the Syrian community behind the advanced technology the Syrians were gaining to defend their country? How do you explain receiving an Israeli ‘journalist’ inside one of the FSA (Al Qaeda Levant or Jabhat Nusra) in Idleb countryside, inside Syria?
Watch how they prefer Ariel Sharon over Bashar Assad, because Ariel Sharon was an israeli crime ‘hero’ well known for Sabra & Shatella Massacre, at least. 
Sabra & Shatella Massacre
Sabra & Shatella Massacre
Sabra & Shatella Massacre
Head of Hamas raising the israeli sponsored Al Qaeda FSA flag in Gaza
Watch for yourself this clip with English subtitles: 
We want explanation from each person who sent money, weapons, men, MILK, to these terrorists.

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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