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Muslim Brotherhood Head in Syria Sold Iskandaron Strip to Turkey

Riayd Shaqfeh, the Muslim Brotherhood head, Syrian Branch, doesn’t recognize the people of Liwa Iskandaron (Iskandaron Strip) as Syrians, and doesn’t recognize the borders of the region (Caliphate ideology), Turkey, Syria, Iraq were all one country.. His Muslim Brotherhood party would sell anything in return for any help they can get to kill the ‘infidels’ in their eyes and establish a fanatic Islamist Emirate, Taliban style and call one of them as the Caliph, could be Erdogan who continuous dream of becoming either a Islamist Caliph or an Ottoman Sultan, or the Wahhabi Al Saud or even the Qatari Al Thani..! Gas for Caliph? 
Riayd Shaqfeh, head of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization – Syria Branch
‘Who said they’re Syrians?’ He asks..! 
Watch video with English subtitles, turn cc on and open in YouTube if you can’t access the subtitles: 
France, the colonizers of Syria granted in 1939 the strategic Syrian Iskandaron Strip (Hatay province) to Turkey in return for Turkey to side by the Allies at the beginning of the WWII, or say sold it.
Iskandaron Strip a Syrian land occupied by Turkey sold by France
Iskandaron Strip a Syrian land occupied by Turkey sold by France

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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