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syria general command of armed forces the syrian army controls handarat battalion

*General Command of armed forces: the Syrian army controls Handarat battalion


The General Command of army and armed forces said in a statement that the channels, which are parts of the Syrian bloodshed, broadcasted today news about taking control over several military points in Aleppo and Daraa cities. The Command added in a statement that the general command of army and armed forces affirms the next: About Handarat battalion for air-defence, a terrorist group attacked the battalion after clashing with the guards, where they entered parts of the battalion, but the army was able to liberate and evacuate all parts of the battalion About breaking into the stores of Khan Toman by terrorists, the militants attacked a building near the stores and entered it, but the guards were able to annihilate most of the terrorists, as the others ran away. In addition, about taking control over 34 brigade by terrorists in al-Kajat area, an armed terrorist group attempted to attack the door of the brigade, but the guards were able to kill and injure many of them. The General command of army and armed forces confirmed that the Syrian Army is having, with the people, a battle to defend the nation.


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