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‘Syria 419’ Syria Scam Email

An 18th century method to illegally earn money out of conflicts is still practiced and now taking advantage of the crisis in Syria and tomorrow in the next international event, not excluding ‘Brexit’ which already saw a start of this. We are referring to the infamous ‘Nigeria 419’ Scam aka ‘Advance Fee Scam’.

We are calling this version for Syria as ‘Syria 419’ Scan Email, although the reference 419 is the article number referring to this method of scam in Nigerian penal code not the Syrian one, it’s just for quick reference and to generalize the scope of people we’re alerting to be aware of falling victims to such scams.

‘I only trust you, I’m the barrister, or the executor of the will of late ‘usually a deceased or arrested general in an army or a prominent businessman or top official’, and I need your help transferring a sum of ‘US$10 million is a reasonable figure’ out of ‘the effected country’ and we will reward you handsomely ‘around 25% of the amount’.

image-email scam message
The Email message you’d receive from the scammer

It starts as above and if a reply is received by the scammer from the instant rich-wannabe victim the next step is to ask for a phone number to establish a humanly connection, scammers tend to use disposable phone numbers or a diverted local number but used from abroad, a stolen SIM number or a bought one but after the buyer of the SIM number leaves the country of the victim, to give more confidence to the victim.

Third step is to ask the victim to prove his good will and sincerity by wiring a small amount of money back to the fraudster, via Western Union, Bank transfer, or whatever is doable. Some scammers would ask for the amount to start a money transfer route so they can transfer back the big sum using the same route. The amount asked is usually based on the phone communication or the wordings of the reply email by the victim.

image-email scam message
A Sample of a ‘Syria 419’ Syria Scam Email Attachment

Sadly, hundreds of millions of dollars are still earned until date by such scammers from victims in the whole globe, who wouldn’t like to receive a few million dollars in their account against a $500 to $1,500 one time payment? Especially, it’s a ‘guaranteed’ money unlike lottery; of course, guaranteed as the victim spoke on phone with the source.

In each crisis there’s always those cheap profiteers starting with those inflicting the crisis in the first place, like most of the leaders in the West serving their masters in the military manufacturing industry, ‘banksters’, drugs, white slave and organ traffickers, to the second tier of merchants taking advantage of lesser monitoring and deteriorating security situations to multiply their profits on the account of their own people, to by-profiteers like the money scammers. In the course there would be hundreds of other profiteers, all illegal, all criminal, all would be handed maximum punishments in a justice system.. in a normal world.

There’s even a song for this, watch this video clip:

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