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Snack Shop: 41.000 Alawites killed in the conflict in Syria


The notorious British “snack shop“, the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, has stated on Thursday, that during the current conflict in Syria 94,000 people had been killed so far and that of these killed people in Syria, about 41,000 belonged to the Alawite religion.

Thus, one of the main mouthpieces of the active terrorists in Syria claims that more than 43 percent of all dead of the current conflict in Syria belonged to the Alawite religion, although Alawites (Alawis) only make up about 10 percent of the Syrian population.

Alawites are then, according to the reported numbers and according to Cocker, more than six times higher affected by lethal force than the average of all other Syrians so far in the on-going conflict in Syria.

This means that the propaganda of the “armed opposition” and their supporters about the alleged massacre of Sunnis by Alawites (Alawis) in Syria, while even a genocide is mentioned, is a monstrous perversion of the truth in its opposite.

The Western community of values ​​and their partners from the GCC countries are trying for about a year now by using lies about alleged atrocities by Alawites against Sunnis and other propaganda to incite the hatred against Alawites in order to transform the political conflict between the supporters of the pro-Iranian axis of the resistance and the supporters of the axis of the lackeys of Israel, sponsored by the Sunni-dominated states of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, into a religious conflict between Sunnis and Alawites (Alawis).

All this with the calculation that if they succeed, then the about 80 percent of Sunnis will prevail in the civil war against the 10 percent of Alawites in Syria and thus, the lackeys of Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar will ultimately win.

Since the terrorists, who are active fighting in Syria, and their supporters in the Western community of values consequently pursue a specific genocidal war strategy and some of their active lackeys in Syria are just waiting for the moment to cut off the head of some Alawites or to eat their hearts, these stated details of the “Snack Shop” in Britain about the denominational affiliation of the victims the conflict in Syria thus quite plausible.

The Syrian government and its related media make in principle no indication about the confessions of the victims and perpetrators of crimes and in the current conflict, in order to counteract the genocidal war strategy of the so-called Western community of values.


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