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Anti-Syria Resolution: Over 70 governments refuse to say yes

Arab Spring

Over 70 governments have refused it to say agree on the Arab-backed anti-Syria resolution at the biased United Nations General Assembly and China, Iran and Russia were among the twelve governments that have opposed this anti-Syria resolution yesterday, of course.

It is no surprise that Russia has called this anti-Syria resolution at the hypocritical United Nations General Assembly “counterproductive and irresponsible”, while the most know that this is the intention of this hypocritical resolution, which is co-sponsored by the U.S. administration.

Again and again, the facts behind the proxy-war and foreign-backed conflict in Syria are on the table, one just has to look at the details, statements and behaviour of his government and the other administrations around this world. It has never been so easy to discover the real intentions of some so-called democratic governments and to see the true colors of some subordinated administrations behind such a staged conflict – probably due to the reason that the so-called “revolution” within Syria, which is far away from any democratic movement, lasts for so long already.

Finally, this anti-Syria resolution was adopted at the United Nations General Assembly by a vote of 107-12 with 59 abstentions, while Brazil, Argentina as well as many other Latin American and Caribbean countries abstained from voting at the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).

Alexander Pankin, Russian Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), called this anti-Syria resolution finally “very harmful and destructive” and he is truly correct with his statement about this hypocritical and not helpful resolution on Syria. Alexander Pankin also said that this anti-Syria resolution disregards “illegal actions of the armed opposition” while he accused the Arab masterminds and sponsors behind this anti-Syria resolution of attempting to replace the secular government of Syria instead of really trying to find a political solution to the conflict and chaos in Syria. But it is always the same – Russia is accusing some Gulf States and Arab governments, telling the truth in parts, but has no balls to finally carry out real actions.

Too much hesitation due to their concerns about the behaviour and stances of the Russian elite and some other reasons, of course. In addition, although Syria is important for Russia for political reasons and due to the fact that Russia would not be pleased if Syria becomes another proxy-state of the West and if the Islamist threats increase when the Syrian government in Damascus is being overthrown by the radical jihadists and uneducated thugs, Russia always seems to think about the pro and contras of its statements and behaviors and takes their elite, the reactions of Western and Gulf partners in account (for example). Real allies of the Syrian nation would finally have acted different already.

The known Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Bashar Ja’afari, said as an answer to the voting on this anti-Syria resolution that this Gulf-backed resolution “seeks to escalate the crisis and fuel violence in Syria” and again, a correct statement about this hypocritical UN resolution which just shows the true colors of these alleged democratic governments and members of the “United Nations”.

Arab 'Spring' Found
Arab ‘Spring’ Found

This so-called non-binding anti-Syria resolution was drafted by some Arab governments while some Western masterminds told them what to write in the background. This anti-Syria resolution calls for a “political transition” in syria and refers to the foreign-backed jihadists, thugs and terrorists in Syria as “representatives” who are needed for the transition.

Thus, this “UN resolution” on Syria wants jihadists and Islamists to take over the power in Syria and as the history has told us already so often in the last centuries, this would be just another huge “political” mistake by the West. Recent examples are Libya and Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood was and is nothing else than a terrorist organisation, which covers their worldly interests and subordination to the West behind staged religious interests. The masterminds of the Muslim Brotherhood are dangerous persons – this applies for the history of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as for the current situation. They are traitors to their own Arab people and to the religion.

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