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Six New Positive Cases of COVID-19 in Syria Raise the Total to 152

Coronavirus COVID-19 positive cases in Syria - Syria News

Six new cases tested positive for COVID-19 ‘coronavirus’ in Syria bringing the total number of cases tested positive in the country until today to 152 patients, the Syrian Ministry of Health stated yesterday June 10th, 2020.

The total number of deaths of patients who tested positive with COVID-19 is 6 cases so far, and total cases that recovered are 68 cases from the first recorded case on the 22nd of March.

The latest cases registered were among persons who were in contact with persons in the Ras Al Maara town in Damascus Countryside. These cases were infected by the virus from getting in contact with a bus driver coming from Jordan.

Syria saw a hike in the new cases tested positive after evacuating a large number of Syrians stranded abroad due to the global COVID-19 lockdowns, most of which were among passengers coming from Kuwait and other countries despite being cleared in those countries.

Calls to lift the unilateral coercive measures imposed illegally on the Syrian people by the European Union and the United States of America failed to convince the politicians of these countries to adhere, instead, the EU renewed the sanctions imposed on Syria for another year earlier this month, and the USA imposed its ‘Maximum Pressure’ Caesar Act of sanctions regime this month as well.


And if all of that were not enough to satisfy the evilness in western uncivilized officials, the racist US Trump and his cronies, especially the Turkish madman Erdogan, increased their theft of Syrian oil and wheat and directly through their armies in uniform and indirectly through the terrorists they sponsor increased their war crimes against the Syrian farmers by burning their wheat fields when it’s near to harvest.

The hypocrite politicians in those countries claim that medical equipment and pandemic-related tools are exempted from their collective punishment of the Syrian people for refusing to accept being ruled by al-Qaeda and ISIS fanatics, however, the blockade and sanctions against the Syrian banking system including the Central Bank of Syria make it impossible for the Syrian Ministry of Health, or any Syrian-based business, to import much-needed test kits, masks, ventilator devices, even threads used in surgical operations, yes, they lie with straight ugly faces.

USA and Turkey and their terrorists burning Syria wheat fields
Syrian farmers wait full season to see their wheat fields (food) burned by Trump.

Syrian businessmen have combined efforts to locally manufacture needed equipment and tools despite the economic terrorism waged against them by the uncivilized western world.

Our understanding that the COVID-19 virus by itself is not a deadly disease, however, its ability to weaken the immune system of the host body makes it more vulnerable to existing acute conditions which contributes to the deaths, in laymen understanding.

Therefore, the strict preventive measures taken by the Syrian authorities helped reduce the spread of the unneeded virus, especially when the country is fighting pathogens the likes of NATO armies in uniform: Turkish Army TSK, US Army, British, French and Belgium armies, and in unmarked black uniforms: ISIS, Nusra Front aka HTS aka al-Qaeda Levant, FSA, the Kurdish separatist SDF armed militia, Maghawir Thawra, Chinese Uighur settlers, Turkestan Islamist Party, and whatever fancy names come on the minds of the western politicians who need to be ‘Nurmberged’ for the crimes against humanity they’ve been committing with impunity since WWII, at least.

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