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O Freedom! Sidqi al Maqat Released from Illicit Israeli Captivity after 32 Years

Syrian legendary prisoner of war Sidqi al Maqat

Sidqi al Maqat, the legendary Syrian political prisoner, was released from illicit Israel captivity 10 January, after spending most of his life in Kafkaesque detention. Al Maqat was first kidnapped at the age of 23, by Israeli occupiers of the Syrian Golan.

Syrian patriot Sudki al Maqat has been in illegal Israeli detention for most of his life.

Sudqi al Maqat had been released after 27 years of Israel’s draconian detention, in 2012. His freedom was short-lived, as the Israeli occupiers of Syria’s Golan abducted him, again, in 2015. In a kangaroo court, he was ‘convicted’ of spying on the cozy relationship between Israeli occupiers and ISIS terrorists.

This cozy relationship of Israel and ISIS terrorists exposed by al Maqat has been confirmed by Israeli media, which previously cited former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, bragging that the takfiri had apologized for firing upon IDF occupation forces on Syria’s Golan.


Israel’s colonial arrogance — supported by billions of American tax dollars, and by military threats by the US, and criminal Trump ‘giving’ part of Syria to foreign occupiers — authorizes itself even to bend its own laws into a variation of the mobile ‘Area C,’ giving Franz Kafka a run for his money.

Though Israeli law claims it is illegal to engage in any relationship with terrorist ISIS, such criminality has been shown to be both mutable and malleable.

Israel has bragged about providing ISIS with free, state of the art trauma care on the occupied Golan, free transport of ISIS patients into hospitals such as Rambam, for further free care.

Additionally, these illegal occupiers who kidnapped al Maqat, have also illegally provided massive quantities of weapons and other equipment to terrorists in Syria.

The legendary Sidqi Maqt had been offered release from occupying forces’ captivity, in early December 2019. He refused it, as he was told he would have to leave his Golan, and be moved to Damascus.

President Assad subsequently sent him a letter congratulating him for his choice, praising him with the highest of words and promising al Maqat a meeting in the near future.

On the occasion of his release, al Maqat announced there were no preconditions affixed to his freedom, and that the Golan will be liberated, also without preconditions.

Sidqi Maqt - Syrian legendary prisoner of war Golan
Syrian patriot, Syrian legendary hero, Sudqi al Maqat.

Miri Wood

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