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Shia Towns under Siege for the Last Nine Months

On a Friday the rebels called “No to Your Sectarian State”, FSA continues to target, oppress & starve the minorities.

The Shia towns of Nubbol & AlZahraa in Aleppo have been under FSA siege for the last 9 months. The towns are the home of more than 60,000 Syrian. For 8 months they had few dangerous routes to fetch essential supplies. They’ve lost these routes a month ago. Even helicopters cannot deliver supplies any more thanks to the nonlethal aid given to the “rebels”.

The shops have nearly emptied & many pharmacies closed due to lack of supplies. Death from starvation awaits 60,000 Syrian if nothing was done soon.

The children of those towns are calling for milk, bread, medicine, for humanity to stop this tragedy.

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  1. Sasha Anakijev

    disgusting crimes against humanity are being committed by the Satanist in the west against the Syrian people.. Shame!


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