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al-Qaeda FSA Terrorists Kidnap and Torture an Aleppo Eccentric

There’s no limits to their brutality, these words define the US’s ‘freedom fighters’ in Syria, those the US Tax payers cut food from their tables to beef them with million of US dollars and just last week a pledge of $60 million dollars by Kerry to do acts similar to what they’ve done to Aleppo’s Yellow Man.
You can describe him the way you want, but his own description of self: ‘I am poor and I like yellow color because there’s no other person wearing the same, I pose with people in exchange of a 100 Liras ($1.5) to feed my family’.
The above picture was taken from famous landmark site Panoramio, uploaded by a user on March 26, 2007, as the man was one of the city’s landmarks. He didn’t mind the verbal humiliating and weird looks, he just found a way to look different in order to gain some money.
Baladna (our country) online magazine in its issue dated 12 October 2010, and ironically featuring president Bashar Al Assad with Turkish prime minister Erdogan under ‘Band of Brothers’ title, has a special article of Aleppo’s Yellow Man on its 24 & 25 pages, before Erdogan sent his mercenaries from Al Qaeda FSA to treat Syrians the Ottoman-Style as their government refused to install a Muslim Brotherhood ministry and take a step towards a planned Wahhabi Islamist (not Islamic) Caliphate under Erdogan’s reign.
Uploaded on one of their channels to brag about it, we took it and added English subtitles so the westerns and especially the USAians (US citizens so we don’t include the good people of Latin & Central Americas with them) to see how proud they are, English subtitles are as literal as we could, excuse ‘their French’:
Had to upload it on Trutube instead of YouTube as the latest would very likely remove it because it gives a bad image about the US ‘freedom fighters’ under Google’s ‘free speech’ policy..!

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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  1. J Fearing

    I'm forwarding this to John Kerry and people in the US Congress who are supporting the opposition in Syria. This is powerful. Please don't make the mistake of thinking any true American wants anything to do with anything like this.

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