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Send Them Eventually to Fight Syrian Government & Offer Them a Military Cover

israel backs kurdish independence iraq

Send them eventually to fight Syrian government & offer them a military cover.

Who will assure that these Alqaeda terrorists dubbed ‘moderate forces’ do not provoke and attack Syrian Arab Armed Forces, the only forces truly fighting Alqaeda & its affiliates in Syria for the past 4 years, and then they ask for cover from the coalition of countries that sponsored the same FSA ‘moderate’ turned into ISIS & Jabhat Nusra JaN, from the beginning?

If you didn’t understand the previous paragraph I should break it to you in smaller pieces:

West and regional stooges hosted, trained and equipped, politically sponsored and monetary financed tens of thousands of outlaws in neighboring states and exported those imported Wahhabi Sex Jihadists into Syria.

West and regional stooges then sponsored massacres committed against the Syrians by using their media and hypocrisy to accuse the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian Armed Forces.

West and regional stooges imposed sanctions against the Syrian state to assist the terrorists aggression by curbing the Syrian economy and pushing Syrians to revolt against their own government.

West and regional stooges used all international venues to cast support for the terrorist groups that went under different names throughout the crisis: Free Syrian Army, Sunni fighter groups, moderate opposition, Jabhat Nusra JaN, ISIS.. and that support came either directly by western and regional stooges officials backing these terrorists or by western and regional stooges officials attacking Syrian officials and diplomats.

West and regional stooges used their own citizens’ hard earned tax money and not touched petrodollars to pay for the destruction of Syria.

Regional criminal entities like the Erdogan Muslim Brotherhood junta ruling Turkey and the Zionist entity of foreign settlers Israel carried out direct attacks against Syrian government targets assisting Alqaeda bluntly then treating the wounded and trading with organs of the refugees and less hopeful to recover wounded terrorists.

Turkish government led by Caliph wannabe Erdogan stole, literally stole, Syrian factories especially from Aleppo using the same terrorists they claimed to fight.

Now they claim they will sponsor those same imported fanatic cannibal suicide bombers head choppers if those terrorists attack Syrian targets and Syrian Armed Forces fight back!

Libya redo.. Those freaks running western nations are not creative at all, but don’t blame them, blame the Sheeple they rule.

U.S. leaves door open to strike Assad forces if U.S.-trained rebels attacked |…

The U.S. has not ruled out possible airstrikes against President Bashar Assad’s forces in Syria if the moderate rebels being trained to fight the Islamic State there come under attack, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said Wednesday. Carter used the occasion of a visit by British Secretary of Stat…

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