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Divide and Conquer, can Secularism stop US / Israeli Project for a New Middle East

Syrian Arab Army

Syria stands as the last bastion of secularism in a middle east which is on the verge of a regional sectarian civil war. Secular Syria has supported resistance movements from all sects, from Sunni Hamas, To Shi’ite hezbollah, to the secular Popular front for the liberation of Palestine, it also supported both Shi’ite and Sunni resistance fighters in Iraq.

Let it be known that of all the states Syria is the one that did not contribute to the sectarian war. All these good deeds have fallen on deaf ears and Syria has become the target of sectarian violence.

As we speak the Lebanese resistance movement against Israeli occupation Hezbollah is fighting along side their Syrian brothers in the Syrian Army in Qusayr. The fact that Hezbollah are Shi’ite while the majority of the Syrian Army are Sunnis, the fact they fight hand in hand against the imperialist agenda, is not going to reach the news. Instead what we hear about is the sectarian nature the war has takes on.

For two years the sectarian insurgents in Syria have made false allegations that Hezbollah are inside Syria “killing Sunnis” while it was the anti Shi’ite men from Hariri’s “future movement” who were in fact flooding into Syria through Lebanon. Not to mention the miscellaneous alciada terrorists that have flooded in from around the world. And for two years the Syrian government has avoided involving Hezbollah even though they would have provide a great military advantage and stem the flow of fighters into the nation.

This was for two important reasons, they did not want to be accused of undermining Syrian Sovereignty, and the second reason They did not want to contribute to a civil war that will uncontrollable engulf the region. That will also use Syria as a staging ground. But Israel’s attack was the last straw. And Now the boys who cried wolf about Hezbollah involvement have been eaten by that wolf.

The insane hypocrisy of people like Nayla Tueni who wrote in an al Arabia Saudi state paper, “How can a Lebanese kill a Syrian in his country? Who grants him this right when he is a stranger in that land? Where was she when Lebanese, Tunisians, Libyans, Saudis, Chechens, have been killing Syrians for the last two years? Hezbollah and Syria have always been allies, they have always been sides of the same resisting sword. The only legitimate incursions into Syria come at the behest of the official and legitimate government. That is the difference between an alliance and an invasion.

Unfortunately we already see the repercussions of the involvement, fighting has broken out in Lebanon with Hezbollah and the Salafists from Tripoli who have been killing Syrian soldiers for the last two years because they despise the sect of the president. But it isn’t just Lebanon it’s starting in Iraq too, for the last two days, there has been multiple bombings in Iraq, A few hours ago a Sunni area was bombed it what “looks” like tit for tat attacks at least on the surface.

During Iraq war the US agenda to fracture the country into three under sectarian was clear, from false flag bombing of the spiral mosque, to funding Al-Qaeda, to imposing a constitution that cuts the country up into three federations. First they removed the secular Ba’athist government, and Today The US govt continues to destabilise Iraq under sectarian lines. Iran contributed greatly to the sectarianism in Iraq because of it’s old rivalry with Saddam a policy which Syria rejected.

There are some unconfirmed likely false claims that shi’ite fighters are streaming into Syria from Iraq. Let this be known NO one who fights for sectarian reasons belongs in Syria, even if if they are fighting on our side, such people are even more damaging for our secular cause. Syria is not the staging ground from your foolish misplaced religious grudges!

It’s no secret a sectarian war would be beneficial to the powers that be. Condoleezza Rice announced the project for a new middle east , the exact way in which the middle east should be divided, in 2006 in tel Aviv, the home of poisonous schemes. And It seems the whole region is being engulfed now, it’s not just Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

There has been bombings in Turkey, and now the Syrian Army and Israel are exchanging fire minimally in the Golan Heights. The Anti-has just been upped. Israel has opened the gates of hell, when you play with fire you often get burned.

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  1. Richard

    She knows who are her masters and makes sure she and her staff of "administrators" select the comments they want to appear not those that may be representative of the diversity of public opinion. I am not well studied in Levant history or the history of the Lebanese Civil War (given I am an American – A very proud Arab/Syrian-American), although I realize sins are committed in war and many were committed in Lebanon by everyone, including the Syrian army, I am of the opinion if not for Syria (albeit maybe with an intention toward self-preservation), the territory we know and love as Lebanon would probably been subsumed under the PLO as part of its territory and have been in continuous strife (worse than today) with Israel not being satisfied, no matter how much territory they get, or quickly become Israeli and Hebrew-speaking.

    I don't understand how rational intelligent people cannot realize that since the creation of the State of Israel (and let me be clear I am not against its existence as long as it stayed within its bounds) the plan of advocates of Israel was to systematically destroy any checks and balances insured by a resistance in the Levant, the last being Syria.

    Lastly, the Gulf Countries (i.e. Qatar and KSA) only have an interest in preserving their global economic interest and do not standby moral principles.


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