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A New Explosion in Turkey Below Radar Lines

Turkish Car Explosion

When someone managed to kill more than 40 people and injure a 100 more in Reyhanieh (Reyhanli) a couple of days ago in 2 bombings, within minutes Turkish Erdogan’s assistance accused the Syrian government, then a few minutes later the accusation was against Turkish elements who have relations with the Syrian government then Erdogan himself said it might be someone upset with the peace pact between Turkish Muslim Brotherhood and the PKK..

Then again it’s Syria. Whatever, the explosions were all over the news, unlike this one reported to have occurred yesterday where a large transportation truck caught fire after locals heard a huge explosion sound, some reporters filming the truck claimed the truck was transporting ambulance vehicles from France.

Turkish Car Explosion in Bab Hawa Crossing
Turkish Car Explosion in Bab Hawa Crossing

Turkey is a country known to violate all human rights and international laws and one of the main laws the Turks like to violate is using ambulances to smuggle terrorists into Syria and clear the wounded out, many suggest the use of ambulances is to first give a cover away from watchful eyes in the border areas, and second to try to extract organs from the wounded as fast as possible to preserver them for human organ trade, the country is famous for.

But in case you’ve not seen an ambulance shipment firing bullets and exploding when catching fire inside a sealed truck, watch this video:

Last year many activists reported seeing FSA terrorists using the most advanced ambulance vehicles near Antakya with the UK badge on them. We’ll try to get the details again and share them here. Meanwhile, I hope you saw the ‘Farouq Battalion’ water tanker in the video above, the same battalion where the cannibal ‘freedom fighter’ is a ‘prominent commander’. Does the presence of FSA ‘Farouq Battalion’ cannibal group of terrorists mean the ‘ambulances’ were for them and they were parked next to a public hospital which is another violation by the Turkish authorities?

Erdogan don't worry, Uncle Sam with you to the end.. of you.
Erdogan don’t worry, Uncle Sam with you to the end.. of you.

Worth noting that a recording leaked last year incriminating a member of the Lebanese parliament Oqab Saqr in what he claimed were ‘milk and diapers’ for the Al-Qaeda FSA fighters, humanitarian aid.. ..through the same Turkish border crossings.

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