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The Double Standards of FSA’s Sharia Committee, Punishing Smokers and Allowing Cannibalism


Two men were sentenced to 50 flogging each by the Sharia Committee.

The two civilians received this savage punishment because the first man’s daughter married the second man too soon after her divorce. Muslim women are supposed to wait three months after the divorce before entering another marriage.

The sentence was carried on publicly by AlNusra Front’s Sharia Committee in Saraqib – Idleb.

The punishment is light considering that at first they were both sentenced to death for this tiny infraction. But the Committee showed mercy and changed the sentence.

Flogged for smoking by the Sharia Committee in Raqqa

This is another example of what Syrians are suffering at the hands of the “rebels” who consider themselves the messengers of God. This man’s awful crime was smoking, which the rebels have outlawed in Raqqa. And while Syrian civilians are being punished for smoking, FSA are getting away with rape, theft, torture, murder and cannibalism.

More of the “revolution” supporters are opening their eyes to the truth of the “rebels”. Here the famous Kafranbel showed their stance on the extremism of the committee.

“Executions in Raqqa & flogging in Saraqib, who gave you the right to rule this nation”

The mask is completely off, none can deny the true face of the Syrian “freedom fighters”. This is the freedom being promised to the Syrian people, rejoice world, Syria is being Islamicized.

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