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Syrian Government and External Stagings Prepare for Peace Conference

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According to the overwhelmed and incompetent Lakhdar Brahimi, the so-called United Nations-Arab League mediator, who should really know the truth behind all the power plays of the world powers, the stagings and the propaganda, said in a recent statement that the Syrian government in Damascus and the so-called external Syrian opposition, which is not the real opposition within Syria, are preparing to participate in the upcoming “peace conference” on Syria, which is sponsored by international powers.

The biased United Nations-Arab League mediator Lakhdar Brahimi used the usual propaganda in his statements on Tuesday. For example, Brahimi said that the “Syrian people are building great hopes on the conference”, which is just not really true. The majority of the Syrian people within Syria, not the traitors around the globe or the religious fanatic Syrians, who are in reality, because driven by their hateful sectarian stances, no real Syrians, hope that all the foreign-backed terrorists are crushed, removed and sent to their male virgins in hell.

Of course, Syria needs peace and no more terrorism, which was and is often directed against the Syrian people, but there is the important question whether such a peace, following such a “conference” of the known powers, masterminds and dubious persons, would really bring peace to this country in the Middle East.

Maybe it would just set a hold on the current battles and bloodshed, but probably not for so long and it is also very certain that the tensions will remain – at least, as long as radical fanatics, jihadists and uneducated thugs remain within the borders of Syria. Peace is a nice word for all the people around the globe and it always works to use this word for propaganda purposes, but the definition of peace would not be implemented in Syria by such a “peace conference”, in which parts of the responsible governments behind the foreign-backed terrorists and Islamists are also taking part.

According to Lakhdar Brahimi, the Syrian government and the so-called external opposition, a typical staging of the United States in order to use for propaganda purposes, the brainwashing of the people and as another tool to perform a regime change in a sovereign country, are going to take part in this conference and both sides, so Brahimi, are already preparing their participation at this conference.

Moscow is still convinced that such a peace conference on Syria is only successful if Iran takes part and thus Russia has certainly made an agreement with the U.S. administration. This means, that Iran might take part, as well as Saudi Arabia and other countries from the Middle East and probably from the Gulf. France has some doubts about the participation of Iran at this peace conference on Syria, but that is nothing which is really surprising at all.

The French Zionist government is just prattling the usual propaganda phrases against Iran and because Israel has much influence in France, it is very logical that the French administration is raising objections and boring phrases against the participation of Iran. Such stupid nonsense like Iran would seek and boost the instability in the region. And one might have thought, this would be the role of Israel, the United States and other so-called world powers since centuries – including France and Britain, of course.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Syria, Wael Nader Al-Halqi, his deputy Qadri Jamil as well as further three members of the Syrian government are in the inner circle of the persons who could finally, for the Syrian delegation, negotiate and debate with the so-called “Syrian opposition” – while the question remains: which side of the opposition?

The jihadists, salafis, wahhabis, zionists or paid thugs and mercenaries? And which opposition union? The former “Syrian National Council” (SNC)? Or the other circles of traitors and destroyers of Syria? Or finally – would it not be better if Syria has direct negotiations with the masterminds behind the terrorism and proxy-war in its country?

Thus, with the United States, France, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the Erdogan regime from Turkey? So many questions and there are some who really believe that such a conference would bring peace to Syria. Brainwashing still works, Goebbels was correct.

Movie Popcorn

We should probably grab some popcorn and enjoy the usual “spectacle” about nothing but performing the known propaganda with the keywords peace, negotiations and democracy.

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