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SAA Needs Advanced NATO Weapons

US Labeling Terrorists

As the world waste time following talks of a political solution for the Syrian Crisis and new conferences and counter-conferences to find ways out, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) writes the solution points and amends previous points on the ground and on all fronts including the ability to counter any Israeli attempt to help Alqaeda mercenaries. The aggressor camp having used all their cards in their campaign against Syria had no choice but to seek some compensation for their heavy losses on the ground and try to save what they can save of their unmasked ugly faces.

The stocks of ammunition left behind Al-Qaeda freedom fighters fleeing from SAA advances especially in Al-Qussayr city are in large quantities and only needs matching weapons not used by the Syrian Arab Army or Armed Forces, we wonder if the US Tax Payers would be also generous with the SAA as they were with Al-Qaeda and send enough ‘non-lethal’ weapons to use with these ammo, watch video below.

For almost 2 years the Syrian government was calling for a dialogue among all Syrian components interested in resolving the crisis while taking huge leaps in reforms during the crisis exceeding the expectations of whoever seeks a real revolution to reform their country peacefully. A whole new constitution worked out by a committee of prominent Syrian experts invited and wrote one of the world’s most advanced constitutions based on it a new local administration elections were carried out and a new parliamentary elections bringing a new parliament with 209 members for the first time out of the 250 total members, did you read that in mainstream media? Then you can add a new media law to free establishing media outlets and freedom of press not available in Turkey which is known to have more political journalists behind bars than those free, in addition to paving the way all over the country by opening dialogue sessions and taking the points discussed into consideration for any future national conference. A number of new political parties were established during the past 2 years, but obviously Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA aren’t really interested in any of these reforms, it doesn’t work side by side with cannibalism, obviously. Now after the tide turned against the terrorists all over the country by sweep and surprise advances by the SAA, NDF and Syrian Resistance, the failure of provoking a war by the chemical craze already consumed in the infamous Iraqi WMD lie, and even provocations by Turkey and Israel to drag Syria into a direct confrontation that would get NATO involved directly with a Libya-style ‘democracy’.

US Labeling Terrorists
US Labeling Terrorists

Syrian president described Al-Qaeda  ‘revolution’ sponsored by NATO in Syria: ‘They call it a revolution, but in fact it has nothing to do with revolutions. A revolution needs thinkers. A revolution is built on thought. Where are their thinkers? A revolution needs leaders. Who is its leader? Revolutions are built on science and thought not on ignorance, on pushing the country ahead not taking it centuries back, on spreading light not cutting power lines. A revolution is usually done by the people not by importing foreigners to rebel against the people.’

Keeping you with news not covered by western mainstream media we call NATO propagandists from Al-Qussayr in Homs countryside and from Der Ezzor city recorded 20th May 2013 with English subtitles.

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