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US Senate Committee wants to arm Jihadists in Syria

Arab Spring

The US lawmakers (US Senate committee) voted for the first time on Tuesday to provide arms to the terrorist and jihadist forces within Syria, thus, the US lawmakers want to arm the al-Qaeda thugs and other radical strangers and religious fanatics in a sovereign state in order to push the regime-change and to get rid of the unpleasant Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian President.

But what would this mean? Nothing else than a more religious state, probably a so-called theocratical state build on the Sharia law, following the dark-aged minds of random fanatic al-Qaeda thugs and other radical people (e.g. following the Wahhabi and Salafi dreams) who also see the United States as an enemy – if not now, then later again. This is a fact and the US administration clearly knows about this. The US administration also knew this when they have established al-Qaeda years ago.

The so-called Foreign Relations Committee in the United States voted 15-3 to give weapons and ammunition to the terrorist in Syria, while the radical forces and Islamists still called “Syrian rebels” by the US administration and the biased American media in order to keep the propaganda alive, because “rebels” just sounds better than jihadists, doesn’t it?

Even some media reports about the voting have published reports, saying that some of the so-called “Syrian rebels”, which the American Foreign Relations Committee wants to arm now, are led by operatives and fighters of Al-Qaeda.

Arab ‘Spring’ Found

The upcoming steps and decisions by the US leadership and President Barack Obama is currently unclear because Barack Obama and the American House of Representatives have so far been hesitant to take any public military action(s) in Syria, which does not mean that they do not support the jihadists and radical forces behind the curtains.

In addition, that so-called lawmakers want to arm religious fanatics, mercenaries, jihadists and other violent strangers in order to push a regime-change in Syria, while the arming of terrorist forces to fight against the people and army of a sovereign state violates international law, is either very funny or just damn sad.

Probably shows the hypocrisy of these American lawmakers and the members of the US administration, too.

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