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Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

Saudi terror campaigns in Iraq and Syria backed by Washington.

The expert on affairs in the Middle East, Saeb Shaath, said in a recent interview with Press TV that the totalitarian dictatorship and regime in Saudi Arabia is the key sponsor of terror campaigns in Syria and Iraq.

The Europe-based Middle East expert, Saeb Shaath, is completely convinced that the Saudi regime is responsible for a lot of violent acts by terrorist groups in Syria as well as in Iraq and who may contradict this political analyst in regards of the Middle East in his statements about the regime in Saudi Arabia and their machinations and meddling in other Arab states?

After the recent months and the obvious arms supplies from Saudi Arabia into the hands of the terrorist groups operating on Syrian soil and all other evidence about the sponsoring of terrorist groups and the terror campaigns by Saudi Arabia (especially in Syria), there is no way to contradict such statements.

The Middle East affairs expert Saeb Shaath said in his interview with Press TV from yesterday, that the Saudi regime has turned Arabia (the Middle East) into “a big, sort of, military base for the United States of America to attack its neighbours.” The expert of affairs in the region further stated that Saudi Arabia is the key sponsor of the terror campaigns in Iraq and Syria and is also backed by the U.S. administration in regards of their funding of terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

The Middle East expert further insisted in his interview that the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia is not only the main sponsor of massive al-Qaeda-linked terror campaigns in Iraq and Syria but also that Washington has full knowledge about this. In addition, it is clear as the sky that the Saudi regime also supports other kinds of religious terrorism in other regions of the world – probably also with the full knowledge of the United States.

Saeb Shaath, the expert on affairs in the Middle East, based in Belfast, further explained that from the “very beginning of the establishment of the kingdom (Saudi Arabia), the Saudis have brought bloodshed to the surrounding countries” and he added that the Saudi regime is in an total alliance with “these Zionist and the Americans and some of the other Western powers.”

This could be confirmed by the still ongoing occupation of a small but strategically important island of Saudi Arabia by forces of the Israeli regime. So far, the Saudi regime has never complained about this occupation of their soil by Israeli forces. In addition, the House of Saud, the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, still try to conceal this information as good as possible, although it is already an open secret.

The Middle East-expert further said that Saudi Arabia has instigating the civil war in Lebanon on the side of the Israeli regime and also brought chaos and violence to Iraq in the early 1990s. He also stated that the Saudi regime has “persuaded Saddam Hussein (former Iraqi dictator) to attack Iran with the help of the United States of America” prior to that in the 1980s.

Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)
Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

For this Middle East expert, it is clear that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and al-Qaeda are linked as well as the situation that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the American military are definite partners in the terror campaign of Saudi Arabia in Iraq and probably also in Syria.

Beside the situation that also the Turkish regime under Prime Minister Erdogan, the regime in Tel Aviv, and also the UAE (United Arab Emirates) are playing a bigger role in the carnage and terrorism in Iraq. Same could apply for the carnage, massacre and terrorism in Syria.

The interview with this Belfast-based expert on affairs in the Middle East is truly interesting and whoever is interested in his statements and opinions about the sponsored terror campaigns by the Saudi regime in Iraq and Syria is able to find the interview here.

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