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North Korea: First own Smartphone – Arirang A1201

Arirang A1201: North Korean Smartphone.

Arirang A1201: North Korean Smartphone with Android OS and Browser.

North Korea is on the rise. At least, the People’s Republic of North Korea likes to convey this impression. After the first tablets with the sonorous names such as Samjiyon and Achim, new pictures of the first state-developed smartphone emerged and it features the mobile operating system by Google – Android OS.

More pictures about the first state-developed smartphone with Android show that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is very fond of the Android device. Some might wonder whether he will drop his HTC smartphone for a new state-developed Android device when it is released in the People’s Republic. Of course, nobody is able to answer this.

While South Korean companies such as Samsung and LG play a very important role in the smartphone market, North Korea is not even to name a latecomer with much benevolence. However, this could change a bit soon. Apparently, North Korea now also makes in smartphones after the last published tablets and the first trial could revolutionize the market. At least, the North Korean market.

According to the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, the new state-developed smartphone is quite interesting and it could not have been better. These are the statements by the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, in terms of the first North Korean smartphone with Android OS when he visited the factory, which is responsible for the production of this first North Korean device with Android.

The first state-developed smartphone of North Korea has the name “Arirang A1201” and features Android, as mentioned. Of course, this device is no real competitor for Apple’s iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 or the new LG G2, but it is interesting that North Korea produces its first own smartphone, although it seems clear that many parts come from China, while some say it is just a product from another (already known) company and its final producing is happening in North Korea.

It is difficult to say more about the new “Arirang A1201” smartphone from North Korea because beside the several pictures and the statements of the North Korean leader, there is simply no further information available and no details about the technical specifications.

The new Android phone Arirang A1201 is not the first smartphone of North Korea. The first attempt was a mobile phone with several smartphone bonds and it was called the “Eumsong-patgi”. However, it had no access to the internet, but this tiny defect was covered by a lot of games, a TV tuner and a stylus for the operating of this device.

According to our information, internet access with the new North Korean Android phone Arirang A1201 is allowed, although the access of Google services is not possible, and thus, one might miss the typical Google / Android search bar on the home screen of the Arirang A1201.

At least, there is a small browser icon on some of the pictures of the Arirang A1201 and this implies that internet access is possible.

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