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syrians protest terrorists occupation raqqah

Syria - Ar-Raqqah / Raqqa / Raqqah

Syria: Protests against Terrorists in Raqqah (Ar-Raqqah).

The Syrian civilians in the northern city of Ar-Raqqah (Arabic: الرقة‎) carried out several protests against the dangerous occupation of the Syrian provincial capital Raqqah by the foreign-supported terrorist forces in the area. Ar-Raqqah is located in northern Syria, about 160 kilometres in the north of the strategically important Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab).

Raqqah is the capital of the Al-Raqqah Governorate and had a population of about 220,125 people in better days, before the attempt of the implementation of the “Salvador option” in Syria and before the beginning of the foreign-backed terrorism and violence on Syrian soil. Better say, before the moment when several foreign powers have wilfully started to destroy Syria.

The Syrian civilians in the northern city of Raqqah (some write it Raqqa) in the the Al-Raqqah Governorate have finally taken to the streets to show their protest against the occupation of their city by the foreign-supported terrorist and jihadist forces.

The civilian protesters in Ar-Raqqah have chanted slogans against the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoots such as the dangerous terrorist group called “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” and the other violent jihadists of the so-called “Jabhat al-Nusra” (al-Nusra Front). In addition, the protesting Syrian civilians in Raqqah have demanded the release of all the many detained people, which were kidnapped by the foreign-backed terrorists in the region.

They also demanded the release of all the kidnapped Syrian Kurds in the region above the former important economic centre of Syria, the city of Aleppo (Halab). It has been the most important economic centre of Syria till the foreign-backed terrorists destroyed many parts of the once beautiful city, including important factories and other important facilities.

The protesting Syrians in Raqqah (Ar-Raqqah) have also demanded from the armed terrorist and jihadist groups in their provincial capital that they leave the city and end their violence and terrorism against Syrian civilians as well as the protesters called on the armed terrorist forces to stop their kidnappings of innocent civilians in the northern area of Syria. Some chanted that the armed terrorist groups should move to Turkey and to leave alone their Syrian town.

According to the information from this region in northern Syria, already hundreds of civilians, including many Syrian Kurds, have been kidnapped by the terrorist and jihadist forces in the Syrian city. Also a Italian priest, Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, has been kidnapped.

The Italian priest, Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, was abducted in the end of July when he was on his way to meet several terrorist leaders in the region in order to convince these armed jihadists to release kidnapped Syrians.

Also in the capital of France, Paris, a protest against the crimes and violence of the foreign-supported terrorist and al-Qaeda-linked groups against Syrian civilians was carried out by many Kurds today.

Meanwhile, the units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) have continued their military operations against the terrorist forces in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Deir ez-Zor, Idlib, Lattakia (Latakia) and in the capital, Damascus as well as its countryside.

According to reports, the today’s military operations in these Syrian provinces are so far again very successful and huge losses were again inflicted on the armed terrorist and jihadist groups in several areas of Syria by the soldiers of the Syrian Arab army.

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