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SAA Issues 3 Days Ultimatum for Terrorists in Tafas, South of Syria

US- al qaeda and isis terrorist groups in Tafas Daraa Syria

The Syrian Arab Army extended a previous ultimatum for the terrorists in the town of Tafas to surrender and be shifted north or they will have to face the SAA.

The new 3 days ultimatum came during negotiations yesterday as the earlier ultimatum was expiring, the negotiations were attended by the officers of the Russian Military Police from the Russian Reconciliation Center.

During the Syrian army military operation that cleaned most of the southern province of Daraa from US-sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS-affiliated terrorist groups, thousands of the Syrian members of those groups dropped their weapons and returned to their normal lives, many of who served in a newly formed regiment of the SAA and fought against the radical terrorists who refused to join the Russian-brokered reconciliation. Out of those radical ones, mostly non-Syrians, many of them were shipped to northern Syria, Idlib province, in particular, was the focal gathering point.

During the past couple of years and especially in the past couple of months, the radical terrorists who refused to drop their weapons and refused to be shipped to Idlib escalated their terrorist attacks from their bases in the southeastern Syrian desert under the protection of the illegal US military base in At Tanf.

Tafas, a town about 13 kilometers to the northwest of the city of Daraa, was a concentration center of a couple of terrorist groups. Recent clashes between two of the main tribes in the area, Kiwan and Zo’ubi, resulted in losses of lives among the civilians and destruction of properties.

Assassinations against notable figures, Syrian Arab Army officers, and against their former colleagues who joined the SAA, pressed the Syrian law enforcement authorities to send reinforcements to the area and now have the commanders of the main terrorist groups with their followers surrounded in their dens within the town and the Syrian authorities have declared they will not tolerate the presence of any of these terrorists anymore in the southern Syrian province.

The terrorists have until Thursday, 28 January, to comply and either drop their weapons and get shipped to Idlib where they can join Erdogan’s mercenary armies or get annihilated, the Russian officers attending the negotiations nodded in acceptance to all the demands by the Syrian security officers and offered to assist in firepower if needed.

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