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SAA Eliminating Obama Regime’s Thugs in Syria

An SAA unit in action

The following is a brief round-up of operations and achievements of the Syrian Arab Army and other Syrian Armed forces in the past 24 hours segregated province-wise:

Idleb Countryside: An SAA unit clashed with a terrorist group trying to sneak into Abu Dhohour airport in the countryside rendering all members of the group useless and confiscating their weapons and munition.

A coordinated operation targeted gatherings and dens of terrorists in Darkoush, Ain Bara, Taybat, Shaghr, Bennish, Bizabour, Hamidiyeh, Umm Jarin, Jarjanaz, Maarat Noman and Kafr Rouma villages and towns in the countryside. Large caches of weapons confiscated and SAA units didn’t have time to count the eliminated terrorists.

An SAA unit in action
An SAA unit in action

Aleppo & its countryside: A fresh convoy of weapons and munition coming from the Muslim Brotherhood government of NATO member state Turkey to the terrorist groups was targeted by SAA units. Missiles launchpads, mortar canons were also among the destroyed targets. This could be the recently leaked shipment of lethal weapons from the CIA to Al-Qaeda death squads in Syria.

An SAA unit clashed with a group of Obama’s Alqaeda thugs which tried to sneak into Al Kindi Hospital. The group is in past terms now.

Khan Al-Wazir in Old Aleppo district and Layramon witnessed an attempt by a terrorist group to sneak in and wreak havoc to terrify the locals going to work and not joining the ‘peaceful revolution’. The groups sustained heavy losses and the attempts to infiltrate the Old City district was foiled.

Locals in Jdeideh and Kuweiris villages in Aleppo countryside reported offensive operations by the SAA against a gathering of Al-Qaeda FSA groups killing scores of them and destroying missiles launchpads and mortar canons.

Der Ezzor: A unit of SAA destroyed what’s left of Al Noor Hospital in Hamdiyeh district after the terrorists looted the hospital and turned it into a command center for their crimes and a field hospital for their wounded.

At least 30 terrorists were killed when stealing oil from one of the wells in Mayadeen desert in the eastern countryside.

Homs Countryside: Units of Syrian Armed Forces and Border Guards foiled an attempt by Wahhabi terrorists sneaking into Syria from Lebanon into Tal Kalakh countryside near Uzair crossing. Killed and injured a number of the terrorists while others fled back into Lebanon.

A lorry was destroyed east of Amiriyeh village killing all the terrorists on board and destroying its cargo.

In Palmyra in the middle of the Syrian desert, east of Homs countryside, SAA units raided a number of the farms to the south of the city and confiscated a number of 107 missiles, improvised explosive devices IEDs and a pickup car loaded with weapons and munition.

Daraa Countryside: A joint unit of SAA and NDF, the National Defense Forces, discovered a 1-kilometer long tunnel connecting Khirbet Ghazaleh and Ghariyeh in Daraa countryside. The tunnel was used by the Obama Regime’s death squads aka FSA Nusra Front supply route.

Damascus Countryside: Specifically between Bilaliyeh and Nashabiyeh villages in the Ghouta, a commandos unit from the Republican Guards raided terrorists headquarter. The operation details leaked today happened end of August and the decision was to acquire the material inside the terrorists den instead of carpet bombing it, which is the preferred method of the SAA.

The operation which lasted about 30 minutes and had commandos descending from helicopters on ropes around 800 meters distance from the target. Divided into 3 units, the attacking forces managed to eliminate the guards of the HQ then storm it and arrest the terrorists commanders, not less of 4 top commanders from Arab nationalities. The commandos confiscated maps, documents and advanced devices found in the building.

Helicopters spotted a reinforcement coming from the east and managed to deliver a decisive blow to the coming terrorists.

Maaloula still needs some time to be declared totally clean from terrorists, the large number of caves around the city served as hiding dens for the suicide terrorists which makes the task cumbersome for the SAA.

US using Alqaeda against Syria
US using Alqaeda against Syria


  1. anton

    The Syrian Army & its supporters need to know that even though the world media try to sweep their achievements under the carpet the majority of people on earth is with them & my thoughts & prays go out to them & their families

  2. Canthama

    It is very encouraging to see so many attacks and counter attacks by the SAA in all over the country, in not so distant past one would hear battles in few key towns, now SAA is pushing hard through out the whole country, this is indeed a great year for SAA, loved to hear the commandos attack in Damascus’ country side, this is the kind of activity that could be further explored to remove more leadership from the terrorists. Great job SAA.


    The American people, including this American, are tired of war. We are also tired of having a stupid incompetent idiot terrorist for a president. Obama’s arming the rebels is an offense of TREASON and he should be arrested and jailed for it. But, our government does not listen to the American people. And our president is mentally ill –and will not listen. We ask your forgiveness for we do not know how to stop him from interfacing and arming with the killer rebel AlQaeda thugs. We hope Mr. Putin can help stop him with a diplomatic agenda. Our military also is very unhappy with Obama, but follow orders only because they are sworn to do so.
    Keep fighting to protect your country. God is with you.


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