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Sunday 15 September Report from Syria

SAA Soldiers

Four and half million Syrian students return to their school amidst fear from knowledge-haters, the Obama regime’s suicide bombers, but with high determination to continue with their studies to conquer ignorance with knowledge.

More than 3,000 schools have been totally destroyed in Syria, many more partially destroyed due to systematic targeting by the FSA in their aggression against Syria’s infrastructure. Schools, or what’s left of them were mainly used by terrorists as training and command bases due to many factors, especially the strong features of schools. Syrian government which offers free education to all citizens and residents from 0 to PHD builds schools and teaching facilities with extra care and reinforced materials for the protection of the students.

4.5 million Syrian students back to schools
4.5 million Syrian students back to schools

The battlefield:

Daraa: SAA targets Obama’s thugs vehicles in Eastern and Western Gharitain destroying 4 of it completely and killing all its load of the world’s filthiest filth, aka Alqaeda FSA.

SAA targets gatherings of FSA terrorists in Tafas, Mzeirieb and Dael in the countryside rendering them completely peaceful. Hussam Nihad Abdullah, a terrorist group commander, was known from the eliminated terrorists.

Der Ezzor: SAA units in the city blew up underground tunnels used by the terrorists for their staying, resting and transportation in the northern city.

Latakia Countryside: SAA units with the help of the local Syrian Resistance Forces are battling tens of terrorist groups smuggled in continuously by the criminal Muslim Brotherhood government of Erdogan in NATO member state Turkey. The more the SAA and other Syrian armed forces kill of these filth, the more are imported from other sides of the planet..!

Damascus: SAA continues their onslaught against Alqaeda FSA terrorsits dens in Barzeh sububr, north of the city, for the fourth consecutive day.

Fighting in Ghouta is becoming more complicated and more specific by the day with herds of the Wahhabi Sex Cannibal Jihadists are being eliminated en masses by the SAA.

Reports coming from Maloula counted more than 400 terrorists eliminated there by the Syrian Arab Army and units from the National Defense and locals who joined to defend their families and their town. Operations to clean the tens of caves in the hills near the town from the snipers using it as their hiding holes.

Hypocrite Kerry: 'No military solution in Syria'
Hypocrite Kerry: ‘No military solution in Syria’

As we keep telling for the past one year at least: Do not pay much attention to diplomatic and political movements, the only factor that decides the future of the region and especially the Syrian crisis is who controls the ground. The more the Syrian Armed Forces advance the louder western politicians scream and threat. They will not attack Syria under any circumstances for the coming 6 months at least, unless Obama and his friends go mad, and that’s sadly an option we should keep an eye. Any attack against Syria will immediately turn into a regional and beyond war turning the entire region from Afghanistan to Spain and from Albania in the north to Somalia in the south into a full chaos not in the favor of the plotters any more.

 Meanwhile and in a very less important news, the so called Nusra Front, the notorious branch of the FSA, the Free from Syrians Army, have increased its threats against other factions fighting the Syrian state in addition to reverting to suicide attacks more often. The latest threat was against the commander of the FSA himself threatening him with a ‘worse destiny than his predecessor’, the predecessor Riyad Asa’ad had his leg cut in a bomb planted under his car seat.

Untimely humor: Opposition sources were working hard to spread a rumor that Russian president Putin and his minister of foreign affairs Lavrov and the US duo Obama and Kerry received a bribe from Syrian businessman Rami Makhlouf, cousin of the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad. $2 billion were paid by Mr. Makhlouf to the officials to secure the last moment deal and defuse the war. This is not a joke, this is taken seriously by opposition activists. Russian president who refused two offers by Qatar (pronounced Gutter) deposed by CIA Emir Hamad and the other by Saudi prince Chemical Bandar, formerly known as Bandar Bush for at least $15 billion, but did accept to share $2 billion with the other 3 officials.

A disappointed Wahhabi Al Qaeda FSA terrorist
A disappointed Wahhabi Al Qaeda FSA terrorist
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  1. Arklight

    Hmm. Having been an observer of US politicians for many years, I can believe that they were offered bribes, and accepted them. but Badass Bandar having his attempted bribes, if actually offered, accepted I ain’t buyin’. If any Russian politicians accepted a bribe, I wouldn’t rate their chances of continued freedom as being very high. Kudos to SAA, NDF and regional defense forces – – roll on! Get some!

  2. Canthama

    It does seem the momentum is in SAA’s favor, no rest to the terrorists in all over the country. Good news indeed. Can not buy the bribing thing, the real owners of the western countries have 100 times more US$ in the game for Syria…weapons….oil…power…future wars etc….US$ 2Bi is nothing for those leaders….

    • Arklight

      Hi, C. American politicians don’t really care whom the bag man represents, so long as the price is right; if they can get two or more ‘heavy hitters’ to pay big money for the same activity, why not?


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