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Ki-Moon Receives UN Chemical Inspection Report

UN Chemical Report

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon received the most anticipated inspection report by the special UN investigation team which was dispatched to Syria upon the Syrian government request to investigate the massacre committed by western backed death squads aka FSA in Khan Al Asal on March 19, 2013.

Wait, the report received by the UN secretary general was for another incident which occurred on the day the UN team arrived Damascus August 21, 2013 and blamed on the Syrian government by the culprits who committed it and desperately used by the Obama Regime to start a new war in the Middle East.

UN Chemical Report
Ake Sellstrom Hands UN Ban Ki Moon His Report

What’s next? The report is said to confirm that chemical weapons were used and people died in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus countryside in the infamous massacre but also said to ignore the fact of who used it? So why was it investigated in the first place if it will not point fingers at the killers?

Khan Al Asal victims of the previous massacre committed over 5 months before the UN team decided to arrive to Damascus to investigate it and instead investigated another alleged massacre by the government, will have to wait until their wasted lives are counted as worthy by the ‘humanitarian bastards‘.

The United States and its tails tried to interfere on the side of Al Qaeda FSA Wahhabi Sex Cannibal Jihadists in Syria after a very well plan by these terrorists and their enablers in all of NATO’s (not intelligent and evil) intelligence agencies was foiled by the Syrian Arab Army in a preemptive attack that rendered between 4,000 & 4,700 highly trained mercenaries and suicide bombers ‘very peaceful’, forever. Those were among the over 6,000 terrorists supposed to be the striking forces that would invade the Syrian capital Damascus after being smuggled in the Syrian desert from Jordan and Lebanon.

The failure of this plan led to the craziness of its plotters and the alleged massacre in Eastern Ghouta, then Obama’s speedy climbing the tree. The British with their sly experience in the region decided to withdraw early and Cameron in a Shakespearian play with the leader of the opposition in the Queen’s council of commons Ed Miliband had the ‘referring to people’s opinion’ act and managed to save their faces in the act. The French were less smarter and continued following Obama up the tree and sometimes going ahead of him, while the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood lunatic Ottoman Caliph wannabe Erdogan was left in the darkness preparing for a near victory seeing the rest of Syria he and his thugs weren’t able to destroy yet being demolished at the hands of the Nobel Peace Laureate Obomber.

Saudis and their mercenaries were awaiting the strike and you all know the rest of the story.

The value of the report handed to the UN secretary general is nil now after Russia pressured Syria to strip it from any deterrent weapon the country has and Mr. Putin fulfilled his promise to Zionist Israeli leaders that he will guarantee the safety of Israel, which means the rogue state looking colonies of foreign settlers will freely continue its hostile and criminal acts against all its neighbors and its own citizens of second degree.

Putin Saving Obama
Putin Saving Obama and Israel

What about Khan Al Asal massacre victims? The group of ‘rebels’ arrested with Sarin nerve gas in Turkey? The uncontrollable groups of death squads threatening entire Syrian towns with chemical substances they received from Erdogan?

The monkey came down the tree with a big Somali size banana he never dreamed of for free. May God protect the bravest people in the world, the Syrians.

banana monkey
The monkey got a huge banana he never dreamed of

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        • Arklight

          Well, miri, there was the report on another site that Syria wanted to be rid of CWs ten years ago, but couldn’t get any assistance with the paperwork or anything else; it seems like Syria had been accused of stashing Saddam’s weapons, and wanted to get its own CW inventoried, logged and deactivated but the UN wasn’t interested in Syria and didn’t bother. Rather like Syria requested UN inspectors months ago for the CW attack(s) up by Aleppo, and never even got their phone calls returned. We do know that the US has the world’s largest stock of current C/B weapons, as well as more antipersonnel mines than anybody else (allegedly, we still manufacture them for sale). I think that the US has signed on to all the WMD conventions, but ratification is lagging 20-30 years behind. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black – –

          • miri

            The impression I got from Dr Ja’afari, in both his recent press briefing, and the one of 30 April on the UN’s neglect of the request for an investigation into Khan al Asal, was that Syria submitted the proposal in 2003, and the NATO embedded UN plopped it into a drawer.


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