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SAA Battling in Qussayr

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40,000 foreign Wahhabi Jihadists was the figure the UN special envoy to Syria claimed to exist by end of last month among the fighters fighting the Syrian people, their state and their army. We however, state comfortably this figure is somehow correct, as the rest of the more than 125,000 at least has either been killed, injured and cleared or ran away. What is there in Al-Qussayr fighting the Syrian Arab Army is between 4,000 & 7,000 terrorists, most of which are Lebanese, Saudi and leftovers from other countries. We have a strong belief there’s a number of western officers or at least agents from the Israeli IDF terrorist organization or its external hand the Mossad.

So where are the other around 35,000 foreign terrorists fighting the Syrian people positioned? The biggest concentration of mercenaries lies mainly in the countrysides from Latakia’s northern countryside, to Qamishli in the far east through Aleppo’s northern countryside, Idleb, Raqqa & Der Ezzor, an area more than four times the size of Lebanon. In Homs city there are a couple of neighborhoods, a couple of towns in Hama countryside, in a couple of towns in Daraa to the very south, near their Israeli friends in the occupied Golan Heights, then in Yarmouk camp in Damascus southern suburb, in Jobar & Duma and their remnants in Darayya in Damascus countryside. Note that all terrorists were smuggled from nearby countries especially Turkey, Lebanon and recently Jordan tried then changed their mind after the first 2,000 terrorists vaporized in no time and a strong message was sent by the Syrian state to the ‘brothers’ in Jordanian state.

Syrian Map showing FSA's main concentration locations
Syrian Map showing FSA’s main concentration locations

To understand the mission assigned to the Syrian Arab Army in fighting these terrorists you need to consider the following example which happened a few weeks ago: In a state that considers itself the leading country in the world in technology, weapons, security and power might, with more than 16 federal law enforcement and security branches, and many state ones, one single young man suspect allegedly armed with a single personal gun, a limited number of bullets, maybe less than a full magazine, had the entire city of Boston to be locked for more than 24 hours while troops from so many of the US’s law enforcement units with armored vehicles, in full combat uniforms going door to door within the borders of a few neighborhoods inside the city until catching the dangerous person, then wounding him, and later killing him at the hospital. Now, imagine he was not a single person, there were at least 5 more foreign terrorists inside the city, with the help of 10 more outside the city guiding these 5, they were armed by machine guns and one of them by an RPG launcher, and they were well trained men on not only decapitating humans, but also taking their hearts out and eating it in front of camera. How about now thinking of a thousand of these men inside a city with some foreign intelligence agencies guiding them via satellites & state of the art communication devices, and with an abundant amount of money to their perusal and a political cover internationally, if you kill these suspects you would be accused of killing your own people! And if this is not enough, think that you have a few thousands like this in each major city in your country, once you get the picture totally you can appreciate what the Syrian Arab Army men are facing.

The following video is with a Syrian Arab Army unit chasing remnants of Al Qaeda terrorists from the cannibal FSA groups in Darayya, south of Damascus city.

Robert Fisk, the ‘UKian’ journalist in one of his rare correct words said: ‘These men are winning an unwinnable war.’ The whole world should be grateful for the SAA men and the Syrian people for the sacrifices they’re presenting and suffering they’re going through at the hands of NATO’s Wahhabi Sex Jihadists.

Syrian Arab Army Badge
Syrian Arab Army Badge

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