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Qussayr Displaced Families Return Home after Years of Fleeing from Terror

Qussayr displaced families return to their city - Homs Countryside

Qussayr city in Homs countryside, southwest of the city of Homs and near the borders with Lebanon, was one of the first Syrian cities to be infested with terror crossing the borders from Lebanon and was also one of the first Syrian cities to be cleaned from the Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists in June 2003.

The cleaning of Qussayr was the main turning point in the War of Terror waged by the US and its lackeys and regional stooges against the Syrian people, and it was when the Syrian Arab Army and its allies moved from defense to offense.

The battle for cleaning Qussayr from US-sponsored al-Qaeda terrorists witnessed the direct involvement of Hezbollah in assisting the Syrian Arab Army due to many factors, one of which the thousands of Lebanese families that moved to the vicinity of Qussayr during previous Israeli repeated aggression on Lebanon, the city near the borders with Lebanon is on one of the main routes the resistance party receives its arms from Syria through, and the need to earn very precious real battle experience fighting humanity’s worse fourth generation warfare enemy Al-Qaeda and its branches.

The following report by Muhammad Khodhr, Lebanese Al-Mayadeen news channel reporter from Syria, covers the return of these families to their cities. The transcript of the English translation is below the video.

Video also available on BitChute:

A new batch of displaced people from Qussayr City are on their return journey to their city. A return 6 years after the Syrian Arab Army and its allies secured the area from terror.

The groups are coming from the towns of Deir Attiyah, An-Nabk, and Hassia in Damascus and Homs countryside.

Woman: We have returned to rebuild our home in God’s will and pray that all the people return to their homes.

Elder Man: We were staying in Jandar city and now returning to Qussayr, we are very optimistic about this return and very happy,

Another man: I left Qussayr 7 years ago and this is my first return to Qussayr, I was staying in Shinshar village, my first time to return here.

The returnees long to return to a life they missed for years in Qussayr, Seham started her return by greeting her neighbors and checking what’s left of her house…

Mrs. Seham: Everything can be rebuilt and everything will be fine, just when we can come back to our city, there’s nothing more beautiful than our country, thanks to God. It’s a lifetime joy that all these people return and we get our lives back like before, it’s a beautiful and difficult feeling at the same time…

Reporter: Thank God for your safe return –
Seham: Thanks to God, God Bless you.

Governorate of Homs has accomplished an important part of restoring the infrastructure, rehabilitate the schools, water & electricity networks.

The effort is continuing in order to accommodate thousands of families in this city returning over the next few months.

Governor of Homs: This is the first batch of the returnees to Qussayr City, more batches to follow soon, with all basic supplies and services secured, 3 schools will be rehabilitated which will receive the children and teenagers by new school year in 2 months.

We can say that with the return of Qussayr families to their city that all the areas in Homs Province will be open for the displaced to return to.

There’s a government plan to develop a new masterplan for the city and to encourage the rehabilitation work in rehabilitable neighborhoods with the assistance of civil society.

Muhammad Khodhr from Qussayr City in Homs Countryside,
for Al-Mayadeen

End of English translation transcript

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