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When Trump Cancelled the Strike on Iran – Leak Update

The Situation Room - Iran Strike - Trump - The White House

Trump Leak Update: On 20th June 2019 the Iranian Air Defense shot down an RQ-4A Global Hawk BAMS-D surveillance drone, it’s the top pride of the US military aviation, it’s supposed to be a stealth drone, in Trump’s mind that means invisible, and it costs almost quarter of a billion of US dollars. The war regime of Donald Trump wanted instant retaliation, they sent messages to Iran asking for permission to retaliate, an answer came.

In a special leak to what actually happened that night and the story behind the 150 casualties, we have an update. First about the events at the Situation Room:

The Persian language translator was summoned to the White House in a rush, it’s 8 pm Washington time, 4 am Tehran time.

  • What happened?
  • Was the strike successful?

The translator is asking his escort to the Oval Office anxiously…

No reply, they both enter the office without waiting for permission and hastily towards a hall with a large screen in the middle.

The president in person is standing firmly in front of it.

At the same time a number of advisors enter the hall from different doors and are all around the roundtable in the hall, everybody asking for the news?

The coordinator and head of communications at the White House says: We have received a direct call with audio and video from Qassim Soleimani 4:30 minutes ago, it’s 15 seconds long.

Soleimani speaks in Persian language and we recorded it.

President Trump interrupts him and asks the translators: ‘Tell me did Iran surrender before the strike?’

The president continues: ‘for sure we sent the a message through Oman. He’s telling himself: ‘I wish I learned Persian language so I can enjoy hearing the surrender words from them.’

Military Advisor Commander S. Nelson says: I believe the screen behind Soleimani is a radar screen it shows it’s tracking our planes flying from UAE, Saudi, and Qatar…

And the other screen there shows the location coordination of our navy ships in the Gulf…

Also, there’s the site of two of our submarines in the depth of the Persian Gulf waters…

The President’s special advisor and former head of the CIA interrupts him: ‘I believe the other screen shows our military bases, including the secret ones.’

The President asks: What does that mean?

Military Advisor: They are tracking us before targeting.

The President asking the translator: What does Soleimani say?

Translator: He said ‘All of it will be destroyed.’

The President: ‘That’s all?’

Translator: Yes.

The President: ‘But it’s a long sentence.

Translator: He adds: In God’s will.

The Military Advisor: There’s something unusual in that map on the right of Soleimani!

The President: What is it?

The Military Advisor: They put the map’s legend in the center of the map and written on it in wide and large font, this is unusual in maps!

The President: And what is a map’s legend?

Security Advisor: It what each 1 cm of the map equals on ground.

The President: Tell me more?!

Security Advisor: They put the map with 1/25 million legend, which means their targeting scale is much bigger than the region.

Secretary of State: They want the war by targeting us in the whole region.

The President asks his advisors: Are they capable of doing that?

10 seconds silence

The President: Nobody answering?!

Security Advisor: Maybe, Mr. President.

The President: And are we ready?

Another similar silence to that after the first question

The Military Advisor: Not as much as needed.

The President: How long still to zero hour?

Everybody: A minute or less.

The President: Cancel the strike now.

Secretary of State: We will be mocked and ridiculed all over the world.

Security Advisor who remained silent all the time: We cannot backdown.

The President walks out of the office and asks while he’s leaving: Is dinner ready?

150 Casualties from the Strike – Trump Leak

Trump Leaks - The Daily Mail

Trump is correct when he repeats that he canceled the strike because when he asked about the casualties of the planned strike on 3 Iranian targets he was told it would claim the lives of 150 personnel.

However, Trump is not continuing the sentence to give the exact reason on why would the US suddenly care about human losses among its targeted states and it’s the country with most innocent blood on its hands since the UK stepped back to the second in line.

Think of the scenario in which a US president would cancel a planned attack because there would be casualties, then think for a moment: casualties on which side? Trump has canceled the strike because the instant Iranian respond would take out 150 casualties among the US personnel in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf. Now how is that for a more logical explanation?

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