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Al-Qaeda FSA Jihadists Kill Turkish Policeman


They say: You raise a beast and when it’s hungry it eats you; this is exactly what happened with Turkish radical Muslim Brotherhood government led by Caliph wannabe Recep Tayyip Erdoğan when he accepted to turn Turkey into a base for terrorists from Al-Qaeda FSA groups seeking to topple the Syrian government and destroy the Syrian state in order to establish a number of Islamist (anti-Islamic) enclaves under the Ottoman Porte, the metonym for the Ottoman Empire.  Erdoğan crossed all red lines involving his country with further massacres against ethnic communities in the region, reminding the world of a horrible history as if anybody ever forgot.

Hosting, training, arming, financing and smuggling mujahideen into the neighboring country Syria after the fake colored revolution aka Arab Spring failed miserably and didn’t succeed to dupe Syrians into believing the US ‘democracy’ exporting farce. But the Turkish government didn’t learn from the US’s own mistakes when establishing Al-Qaeda, although the US managed to control this terrorist group it created and sent it wherever needed, took out mutiny in small and large scales by direct invasions and drones, while the Turks now need to face what they raised.

Turkey-Syria Borders
Akçakale, Turkish – Syrian borders

News from one of the concentration camps erected to hold Syrian refugees based in Akçakale town at the border crossing with Syria’s Tal Abyad reported that at least one Turkish policeman killed, 2 other policemen, 2 soldiers and one civilian wounded when a group of Wahhabi Sex Jihadists aka Al-Qaeda FSA attacked the concentration camp. The below video records panic and ambulances at the camp:

Worth noting that Turkish government treats Syrian guests, it only forced into their suffering, very badly, from news of mass rapes of women and girls, to poorly maintained concentration camps cold and flooding in the winter, hot in the summer, preventing those wanting to go back home from doing so after they discovered they were victims of a very heinous crime. End of March 2013, the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood government decided to displace about 600 Syrian refugees from the so-called Suleiman Shah Camp after clashes between the refugees and the guards.

'Erdoğan thinks his a Muslim Caliph' President Assad
‘Erdoğan thinks his a Muslim Caliph’
~President Assad

On explaining the huge numbers of Syrian refugees crossing into borders, one eye witness from Daraa gave only his first name as Sameer out of fear of repercussion against his family in Zaatari camp in Jordan, explained how a number of armed terrorists around 40 of them entered villages in the southern province countryside at early dawn and called on residents to leave and told them ‘Assad troops’ are coming to kill them.

The same incident that would happen after the two main pan Arab news channels Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya would have media campaigns of alleged massacres and crimes by Syrian troops against civilians, then convincing the residents to get into buses they brought with them and escorted them directly non-stop to the Jordanian borders where they were received there by plain-cloth Jordanian security officials who locked them in the Zaatari and other concentration camps there. Once the towns are empty, the armed terrorists would loot it then blow up main buildings or houses there, which usually calls the Syrian Army to dispatch forces after hearing sounds of explosions, and once SAA troops arrive at sites of such destroyed towns, some media men picture them and send them to the aforementioned news channels to claim the Syrian Arab Army is destroying towns..! How to convince the refugees that it wasn’t the Syrian Army that attacked them? That’s a master deception plan by evil black rooms, but who is seeking truth can ask the villagers the names of people pushing them into exodus.

A rare shot of Turkish prime minister.
A rare shot of Turkish prime minister.
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