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President Assad with the SAA in Idlib at the Frontline with NATO Terrorists

Assad with SAA in Idlib

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad visited this morning the Syrian Arab Army heroes in their posts in Alhobait town at the very frontline with NATO terrorists.

We’ve been telling that the battle for Idlib is the base to eliminate chaos and terror in all of Syria.

President Bashar Al-Assad during the visit to Al-Hobait

President Assad described Turkish pariah Erdogan as a ‘thief who stole the factories, wheat, and oil, and now he’s stealing the land.’

“All territories in Syria carry the same importance, the priorities are decided based on the military situation on the ground.”

Syrian President Assad from Idlib

Al-Hobait is a town inside Idlib’s southern countryside, it was cleaned from NATO terrorists of al-Qaeda and its FSA affiliates on 11 August a couple of months ago.

The very next day on August 12th the Syrian Minister of Defense General Ali Abdullah Ayoub visited the SAA heroes a few kilometers far from NATO terrorists.

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Then some will still wonder how the Syrian Arab Army was able to withstand the War of Terror waged against their small country by over 100 countries, spearheaded by the superpowers with the USA in the front and the super rich, including Saudi and Qatar who alone burned some $138 billion dollars in 6 years, sending literally the world’s largest human garbage army of terrorists in their hundreds of thousands of radicalized anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood suicide bombers?

Because we are fighting to defend our country with our flesh and bones, our army of all levels is always combatting in real-life fighting unwinnable real battles and winning it, not behind large screens thousands of miles away hiding behind remotely controlled billions of dollars weapons.

Syria might be the only country in the world that two of its ministers of defense killed defending their country: in 1920 Youssef Azmeh (Sunni,if you want) led his tiny army to face the invading French massive army east of Damascus in an unequal battle, not to win but to register the will of the Syrian people for history, and he martyred with all his troops with honor in the battle, and on July 22, 2012, the Syrian Minister of Defense Abdullah Rajha (Christian) was killed in a heinous international plot that bombed the Syrian ‘Crisis Cell’, he martyred with other top generals.

Issam Zahreddine
Legendary Syrian Arab Army Martyr General Issam Zahreddine, the defender of Deir Ezzor

Learn more about SAA heroes of highest-ranking who martyred ahead of their troops: martyred at the forefronts.

With all pride, I can say the whole humanity in the world should feel honored by the achievements of the Syrian people, their army, and their President Bashar Assad who stood for with iron nerves defending his country refusing to leave with his family, the strength that was spread into the nerves of each Syrian.

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