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Obama Didn’t Learn Yet and Still Deceiving the World

Barack Obama

After more than 4.5 years of the crazy war of terror launched against Syria by the West and regional stooges to achieve regime change and failing in their goal but achieving in destruction and killing, Obama is at square one.

In a desperate attempt to revive his coalition of the willing, the president of the United States of America heads a mini UN Summit and parrots his same wasted words: ‘Assad must go’.

Barack Obama
Foolish Barack Obama still can’t give up his goal of regime change in Syria


The mini Summit claimed to have gathered delegations from 100 nations, was Obama’s response to the stretched hands of the Russian President Vladimir Putin who called for a real coalition to fight terror in the region, especially in Syria.

Putin surprised the visiting Syrian minister of foreign affairs Walid Moallem in Moscow last June with his idea of creating a coalition that will fight terror in Syria and Iraq for good and would include regional players like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan, the same regimes that have helped sponsor terrorists against the Syrian state since the very beginning. Mr. Moallem, the veteran master of diplomacy as known, reacted: it will need a miracle to form such a coalition.

Yet, Putin insisted that his idea is workable and kept calling on the players to join, managed to arrange for a meeting between Syrian top security official and Saudi crown crown prince (double words not a mistake), but then how do you really think you can have pawns decide away from their masters?

Mr. Putin should have asked his US counterpart to pay back for the favor he managed to save his face and gave him a life rope when the latter foolishly thought he can carry out a military strike against Syria 2 years ago without risking a break out of a major regional, if not world War, that would hurt his regional pawns more than it would achieve anything substantial in Syria.

Instead of admitting failure to achieve the West and regional stooges goals in their terror sponsored war against Syria, they still think thy can impose on Syrians a US puppet with political maneuvers and huge media propaganda campaigns when they failed miserably militarily on the ground.

Syria is going on with its war on terror, the Syrian Arab Army, the only real force combating terror since the beginning of the war will continue to do so without any approval from any foreign player. Russian President admitted the same in his latest speech at the 70th UN Summit, and before him a top Hizbullah official as we reported earlier here.

Meanwhile, the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ will remain terrorizing the world with their mercenaries until the same mercenaries turn their weapons against their masters and hurt them hard in the heart.


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1 Comment

  1. Jara conesh

    When you starve, toture and kill people it’s not believable when you blame Obama.
    You will get what you deserve. Maybe not today but keep looking it’s coming.


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