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Obama Death Squads Continue Assassinations in Syria

Damascus Research Center Bus Attack - Syria

Death squad created by Obama regime’s ambassador to Syria Robert S. Ford continue their tasks as planned by the enemies of the sovereign country in destroying the country and killing its people with a concentration on the scientists.

Workers at the Scientific Research Center in Barzeh were targeted by a group of anti-Islamic Wahhabi Cannibal Sex Jihadists with an RPG shot at their commuter bus earlier today 31 July 2013, killing 6 workers and injuring 19 others.

The terrorists targeted the civilian bus with 2 RPG shells the second was hit after people gathered to rescue the injured from the first shell in order to cause the maximum numbers of casualties.

It’s not the first time Syria’s scientists are targeted by the NATO sponsored color ‘revolution’ known as the ‘Arab Spring’ or as infamous former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice prophesied: ‘Creative Chaos‘.

The Syrian scientists are targeted systematically and the research center in Barzeh district north of Damascus and the other in Jamrayah were targets of coordinated attacks by Al-Qaeda & the Zionist Army more than once.

The following video was uploaded 2 years ago and explains what to target exactly in Syria presented by an ‘opposition’ figure residing in Egypt, it’s with English subtitles:

Heads of hospitals, university professors and students, nuclear scientists, agriculture engineers and all workers in the public sector were all labeled as ‘Shabeeha’ first to justify their killing then killed or severely wounded.

Some were eaten, many had their organs harvested, and if it didn’t ring a bell yet it’s worth noting that Syria is surrounded by the world’s top 2 states in human organ trafficking: Israel and Turkey.

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