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No Kurdish State in North Syria

image- Saleh Musallam Democratic Union Party (PYD) Leader

Saleh Musallam Democratic Union Party (PYD) Leader

by Arabi Souri

‘No Kurdish state in north Syria’ is a principle in the policies of the Syrian leadership, it’s a pillar in the Syrian people’s quest and it’s an ideology shared among all ethnics comprising Syria.

There are no ‘Kurds’ in Syria, just like there are no Arabs, there are no Armenians, Assyrians, Kaldanians, Turkmen, Greek.., just like there are no Christians, Muslims, Alawites, Sunnis, Druze, even atheists; there are only Syrians with different ethnicity and believes. You may find it poetic and unrealistic, but if you do find it so, it’ll be exactly how you thought Syria is like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan or Somalia, an easy egg to crack and look for next target.

Those who knew Syrians would know that all this western mainstream media, and their regional stooges propaganda of the intentions of this party or that to establish a ghetto or a emirates for its ‘followers’ or ‘people’ is nothing more than utter dreams and fantasies in the heads of the evil New World Order planners and enablers. Many reached the same conclusion after 5 years of 80 countries attacking this single country which stood alone until a few months ago.

Lately, however, and since the western and NATO propagandists like to keep dreaming of continuing with their evil plans spilling bloods of innocent people while they try to realize their dreams, in an interview with German media, Saleh Musallam, a Syrian of a Kurdish origin and the leader of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) kept no doubts about such dreams: ‘No Kurdish State in North Syria‘, he said. The struggle is only for the rights of Syrians of Kurdish origins within Syria, Musallam added.

Musallam’s words resurrect the philosophy of the late Sheikh Muhammad Ramadan Saeed al Bouti.  Sheikh al Bouti was born in Turkey in 1929, of Kurdish origins.  He was martyred 21 March 2013 when an FSA  suicide bomber killed him and 48 others including his grandson, in mosque, months after calling the FSA terrorists “scum.”

Sheikh Muhammad Ramadan Saeed Bouti, martyred at age 84.

207469_181822158632029_1305130725_nEverybody knows it’s NATO member state Turkey, ruled by Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization party, that wants to divide Syria in the north, east and west to establish enclaves ruled by agents and business partners of Turkish president Receb Tayyeb Erdogan.  Everybody must also know that Syria is not a secretion of Sykes-Picot, that Syria is civilization before being a state.

The dreams of Satan have deprived many humans mercy, the works of his Evil Terror Axis ‘Turkey – Saudi – Qatar – Israel’ is depriving thousands of humans their lives and their safety. The alliance between Zionism ruling Israel and the USA and Wahhabism ruling Turkey, Saudi and Qatar is not new, they’re twins in ideology, parents, organization structure, practice and only split by the religion of followers, where Zionism is an anti-Jewish movement comprised of misled Jews mainly, while Wahhabism is an anti-Islamic movement comprised of misled Muslims, partly.

We have nothing called minorities, we are Syrians.  — Ambassador Bashar al Ja’afari at meeting with Syrian American Forum

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