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New Massacre Discovered in Sadad Homs Countryside

Sadad, Homs Countryside

Christians should leave the cradle of Christianity and move to Europe, or elsewhere, to save them from the anti-Islamic Islamists who are sent to establish a number of anti-Islamic pro-NATO caliphates and Emirates in the Levant and beyond, to justify the existence of the ‘Jewish’ state of Israel, the people of Sadad in Homs countryside lived one of the ‘freedom fighters’ barbarities in the name of ‘democracy’.

The Christian dominated town of Sadad, since its founding was the base for Christianity using its location on a crossroads to spread love and knowledge, had to pay heavily for that role when herds of NATO-backed anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists attacked the quiet remote town and slaughtered its people indiscriminately, elders, youngsters, women, men, anybody who couldn’t flee.

At least 40 martyrs the price the town of Sadad paid facing the world’s filthiest filth aka ‘Nusra Front’ aka ‘FSA’. A couple of days after the town was restored by the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army, the locals returning traced blood to an old well near a family house where they discovered 6 members of one family who had their hands tied and their mouths gagged then shot in their heads and dumped in the well, the culprits then hurled dirt and belongings they found around over the martyrs’ bodies to try to cover their heinous crimes.

The following report might contain some material Graphic in nature, what Syrians have to endure and live through facing the unprecedented evil spilled against them by the same ‘humanitarian bastards‘ who are upset they couldn’t intervene further and kill more.

Video also available on BitChute:

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Meanwhile, the west, with the help of Syria’s allies are trying to force the Syrians to sit with their killers in a ‘peace’ conference in Geneva, where the Russian president once ‘feared to send his country’s delegation to attend the conference in the presence of the cannibal members of the west-backed Syrian oppositions’, but wants the Syrians to negotiate a power sharing agreement with those same inhumane terrorists.

Worth mentioning, when Lebanese Cardinal Bechara Rai, Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, complained to then French president Sarkozy of the systematic attacks against the Christians in the Levant in order to empty the East from its Christians, the latter, the freak, the former president of France and the killer of Gaddafi replied: ‘How many Christians are there in the whole Levant? 2 Million? Bring them all here’ to Europe he meant.

‘Everybody else is fine as long as the Syrian crisis is confined within Syrian borders.’


  1. The Kid

    This has more to do with other matters than what things seem…For one – if Assad is this Big Bad Wolf they attempt to portray – then why did England let him stay there and have a medical practice?
    It seems to me that he was running from Syria to deflect his fathers position.No one likes a sad sack – and after growing up being bullied by siblings – yeah – I would go somewhere else…So this whole thing is due to some of the changes he made to laws that others don’t really like…oh well…Honor Killing modifications are a human rights issue and Assad was right on to impose severe penalties…So where is the Big Bad Wolf here? It sounds like a Big Brother to me…the media needs tell that story! And John Boy McCain “pal’in around with terrorists” is a great example that it is not Assad at all…was he there? No. So usually when this occurs it is money that drives this to come to pass…war monger investors…
    Who have already found out to not do business with those involved in corruption or terrorism…or…
    They get Blacklisted…and it happens all the time…this go around is more global due to technologies…
    Instead of phone calls and faxes it’s electronic communications in the blink of an eye…good for business..
    Bad for investors and politicians into corruptions and terrorism…it’s just not sound to invest in that anymore!
    And most investors I have communicated with say they moved portfolio’s around and dropped some…
    Raised eyebrows globally but they catch on fast…that is why in America the stock dropped 350 points…

  2. kingsley smith

    “The problem is Islam”??? Most of the victims of extremists are Muslim.Most of the arming and funding of these extremists comes from so called Judeo-Christian places. A bloc of Christian nations put embargoes on others which directly impact innocent civilians.NATO “straps on” depleted uranium bombs and reigns hell on nations.Better time would be spent finding a decent charity that helps people there and informing everyone we know what is really going on-the killing of a nation.

  3. lazaros lazarou

    to the humans of this evil world that has been cursed so we all kill eachother if the christ was real he only spread the word love and peace nothing else but every evil ruler thinks he can bring peace to us threw war i must have been made a fool when at school in english the word peace brings love and war breeds hate and evil but al those evil rulers that are ruling the word for us make us out as fools and insult our education that was forced on us to learn and get marks to pass test to be sombody on this earth what test did they pass how many people they can kill seems to be their test i pray and hope the christ was real and comes soon to judge all evil rulers that think they have the right to kill for evil reasons not that there is any real reason to kill anybody thank you christ for being in my heart and giving me hope not to fall for the traps being set in order to kill


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