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Moderate Earthquake of 4.8 Degrees Strikes Northwest of Idlib

Earthquake strikes Idlib - Syria - هزة أرضية زلزال يضرب ادلب شمال غرب سوريا

A moderate earthquake struck the northwest struck northwest of Idlib yesterday evening, 18 December 2022, the Syrian National Seismic Center reported.

The earthquake was recorded at 21:13 local time, it had a magnitude of 4.8 degrees on the Richter scale as reported by the Earthquake Information site and the Syrian National Earthquake Center as quoted by the Syrian news agency SANA, and it struck at 10 kilometers depth.

No immediate reports from the struck region about casualties or damage to properties of the earthquake whose epicenter was at the Kabta village some 16 kilometers northwest of the city of Idlib.

‘Syria Enters the Earthquake Era’ was part of our November 2020 report on an earlier earthquake, worth reading:

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