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Syrian Army Discovers Large Cache of ISIS Weapons in Deir Ezzor

Syrian Arab Army SAA discovers large ISIS weapons and munition depot in Deir Ezzor -الجيش العربي السوري يعثر على كميات كبيرة من اﻷسلحة والذخائر الخاصة بتنظيم داعش في دير الزور

Syrian security units with the help of the locals discover a tunnel containing large quantities of weapons and ammunition left behind by the NATO-sponsored ISIS terrorists in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, some of which are western-made.

The weapons and ammunition included: war rifles, machine guns, RPG launchers, snipers, mortars of various calibers and sizes, explosive devices, homemade shells, and explosive materials, in addition to reconnaissance aircraft, clothes, medicines, and books preaching dark takfiri / Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood ideology that is contrary to the tolerant teachings and values of Islam.

Syrian Ikhbariya news channel detailed in a report the findings:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


In cooperation with the residents, the competent authorities found a tunnel that was used by the terrorist organization ISIS in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, containing weapons, ammunition, drones, books, clothes, and medicines.

Security officer: Through searches and cooperation with the honorable people of Deir Ezzor, one of the tunnels that were used by the terrorist organization ISIS was reached, and it concealed its weapons and ammunition, which it used in its terrorist acts against the province of Deir Ezzor and its honorable people.

The heroes of the Syrian Arab Army carried out digging operations diligently until they reached a wire that came out of this tunnel. They followed up until they reached the main tunnel, where the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army extracted large quantities of various weapons and ammunition of various sizes and types, including Kalashnikov rifles, RPGs, automatic machine guns, heavy weapons, mortar shells, various types of shells, such as shells that were prepared for manufacturing, books, and clothes belonging to the organization were also found in this tunnel.

A number of reconnaissance planes, which were used by the terrorist organization ISIS to spy on the points of the Syrian Arab Army, and large quantities of medicines that were used to treat their injured during the war operations were found.

Although more than five years have passed since the expulsion of the terrorist organization ISIS from the countryside of the province, units of the Syrian Arab Army are still working to cleanse the area of the remnants of its terrorism.

Ibrahim Al-Dhaly – Syrian Ikhabriya News Channel, Deir Ezzor.

End of the transcript.

Deir Ezzor province, especially its countryside was largely infested by herds of anti-Islamic NATO, European, Gulfies, Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorists who follow the Wahhabi sect, and the Muslim Brotherhood ideology, both are banned in Syria for their odious beliefs which twist every teaching of Islam to serve the opposite of its meaning by cherry-picking parts of verses and sayings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

The ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists infesting large areas of Syria were loaded with weapons and munition that can arm the entire Ukrainian army to fight for several years, the Engineering Corps of the Syrian Arab Army continues to carry out almost daily operations to destroy the weapons and munition found all over the country, western taxpayers and the Gulfies were very generous in funding these terrorists to kill Syrian people and destroy the last secular country in the region.

Landmines, weapons, and ammunition hidden in all the areas infested by the NATO-sponsored ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria continue to claim the lives of the civilians, mainly the children, the ones who survive the blasts of these weapons are often left with lifetime injuries and most of those lose at list a limb all of this in order that some of the few self-entitled western politicians have more for themselves and build the antichrist kingdom.

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