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Mass Graveyard Found in Qussayr – Homs

Free Syrian Cannibal

Tunnels, IEDs factory, field hospitals then mass graveyards are some fingerprints of NATO sponsored terrorists and death squads they plant wherever they want to ‘democratize’. Initially they create terrorist groups under names inspired from the region targeted, then wreck havoc and commit mass killing then they go in to eliminate the terrorists as they ‘care for humanitarian suffering’. Sounds familiar? In Syria it didn’t work for them the way they wanted, and Syria could be the last time they attempt to impose the R2P act ‘Right to Protect’ in the United Nations as all their lies were exposed thanks only to the bravery and steadfastness of the Syrian people and their amazing Syrian Arab Army in addition to the hundreds of Syrian activists whom voluntarily jumped in to assist defend their country.

Al-Qussayr is the turning point where most of their lies were exposed in bulk and in the sequence they tried hard to cover. After the battle was over the Syrian Arab Army discovered a massive network of tunnels for fleeing the terrorists dug, almost a whole city underneath the city of Qussayr, a factory to produce IEDs ‘Improvised Explosive Devices’ in all sizes, you’ll be shocked to see the sizes displayed in the following video, then a mass graveyard where they buried their 400 terrorists in which NATO propagandists and humanitarians could be looking for.

Keep your eyes open for any false-flags when they fail to bank on the craze of chemical weapons accusations, and they will fail, things like ‘massacres’, cross borders shooting or could be something else. We’ll be alert and will alert the public of whatever we notice.

All the west and their stooges supporting FSA against the Syrian Arab Army
All the west and their stooges supporting FSA against the Syrian Arab Army

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