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3 Crimes By FSA Today to Compensate Their Defeat in Qussayr Countryside

US loose senator John McCain in a memorial picture with the kidnappers of Lebanese men

June 08, 2013 was the day all speculations where the Syrian Arab Army is planning to go next after the decisive and swift victories in Qussayr city and the towns in its countryside, but some were trying to release the anger from Al-Qaeda defeat in Qussayr and other areas at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army in their own criminal way, the following are some crimes from the ones recorded today:

  • 4 Grad rockets fell on besieged Nubol town in Aleppo’s northern countryside, one of the rockets resulted in killing an entire family of 6 including a pregnant woman, the other 3 rockets injured 9 civilians including 4 children. The town and its neighboring Zahra town are besieged by Wahhabi terrorists from Nusra Front and its sister terrorist organizations for more than a year now.
  • 2 explosions in Khan Arnabeh town in Qunaitra countryside in the south of Syria resulted in the injury of several civilians in the town, one of the explosions was a booby trapped car detonated in a car maintenance industrial compound while the other was an IED detonated in the town’s main transportation garage.
  • 9 civilian martyrs earlier today were killed and a number of civilians injured when a suicide terrorist detonated himself in a car near Mukhless Monastery in Karm Allouz district in Homs city, central Syria.
Arab 'Spring' Found
Arab ‘Spring’ Found

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