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A Mass Grave Discovered in Darayya, Damascus, Syria

Darayya Map

United Nations special envoy to Syria Lakhdar Ibrahimi last month declared that per his findings about 40,000 foreign Jihadists exist in Syria at that time, we believe the total number of smuggled terrorists by NATO into Syria comfortably exceed 125,000 well-trained terrorists most of which are with a death wish, aka suicide bombers.

The majority of these were killed in Syria at the hands of SAA, some were killed by inner-fighting with other groups and a few fled back to their countries.

Those killed in Syria had their carcasses burned beyond recognition to continue the hoax of the ‘Arab Spring’ a ‘spontaneous public uprising’ and the FSA are a group of defectors from the Syrian Arab Army. One of the mass graves found of these burned terrorists was in the city of Darayya, Damascus Countryside on 14 May 2013.

This video counts 10 burned bodies of Nusra Front terrorists, GRAPHIC CONTENTS WARNING: 

Syria, throughout its history, was the home for refugees fleeing massacres and atrocities from all sides of the old world, those fleeing the Ottoman massacres found refuge and a new home in Syria and about 1.2 million Iraqis post the US & Stooges invasion of Iraq in 2003 settled in Syria, Palestinian exodus twice 1948 we’re remembering today and 1967, the latest wave of refugees were the Lebanese fleeing the 2006 Israeli aggression. Now the criminals are airlifted from all the sides of the world by NATO and affiliates to Syria itself to commit their crimes in this country.

Al Qaeda Recruitment Agency
Al Qaeda Recruitment Agency

And of course since some trust the humanity of Al Qaeda FSA terrorists, they still believe the existing of these terrorists in Syria as normal to ‘defend the peaceful protesters’ and ‘spread democracy’ and thus donate millions of dollars for them, the US alone paid $510 million of its hard-earned taxpayers dollars as admitted officially, so far.

Worth noting that most of the terrorists were smuggled into Syria by the Muslim Brotherhood government of Turkey after labeling them as ‘Free Syrian Army’.

Erdogan FSA
Erdogan FSA

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