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Mansour: No Arab League or UN Law Allows Interference of One State in Another

Mar 07, 2013

BEIRUT, (SANA)_Lebanese Foreign Minister, Adnan Mansour said that there is no Arab League or UN law allowing the interference of a state in the affairs of another, especially when the interference takes on a military form.

During a press conference at Beirut airport on Thursday, Mansour said that ”We were before a dangerous decision by the Arab League yesterday, which allows countries to send weapons to Syria,” adding that the decision constitutes a dangerous threat that may reach Lebanon in the near or far future.
”The Arab League has to reconnect with Syria which was a founding member of the League,” he said, adding ”Over more than a year and a half, the League has adopted up to 15 decisions that led to nothing but an escalation of violence that had negative consequences on Lebanon and the neighboring countries.”
”Where is the problem when I say that it is necessary to bring Syria back to the Arab League for finding the appropriate political solution for getting Syria out of the state of war?” Mansour asked.

Manosur stressed that Lebanon’s position on the crisis in Syria has been clear in its commitment to ”the policy of self-dissociation regarding the decisions adopted on Syria.”

”The methodical uproar by a number of politicians on Lebanon’s latest position at the Arab League is unjustifiable,” Mansour added.
”I prepared in advance my speech at the Arab League and picked every single word,” Mansour said, adding ”I say again that violence in Syria breeds violence, and sending weapons to Syria won’t be of benefit to Syria or Lebanon.”

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