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official source israeli espionage system detected on syrian coast spied on sensitive target

Mar 07, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)_An official source said that the Israeli spying system discovered last Friday on the Syrian coast was spying on a sensitive target for transmitting instant images to the Zionist entity via special cameras through satellites dishes.
The source said in a statement to journalists on Thursday that the system’s components were camouflaged so as to blend with the geographic nature of the area, indicating that the system included a camera, antennas, six batteries and an electrical regulator, in addition to cables connecting basic parts.

The source added that discovering this spying system at this time is an indication of Israel’s involvement in the current events in Syria, ”especially that the information transmitted benefit the Israeli enemy and the armed terrorist groups inside the country.”
Earlier, competent authorities had discovered Israeli spying devices at a certain point in the coastal region which were designed for tapping, imaging, recording and transmitting data.

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