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Kidnapped Lebanese Pilgrims Released After 17 Months

The kidnapped Lebanese men in north of Syria

Lebanese Al Manar TV reported the release of 9 Lebanese pilgrims after 17 months of being held captive by Qatari-backed terrorists in north of Syria.

On 22 May 2012 a group of terrorists stopped a passenger’s bus near the Turkish borders north of Syria and the passengers were held by a group of anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists with direct links to Turkish prime minister office and the Qatari Emir. The terrorists then released the women and children and kept 11 men captive, 2 of them managed to escape after a Syrian Arab Army operation in Azaz last year that killed one of the terrorists leaders responsible of the kidnapping.

Azaz recently fell in the hands of the so called Islamist State of Iraq & Sham (Levant), a fanatic group of mostly non-Syrian Wahhabi terrorists operating between Iraqi and Syrian territories and responsible for the most brutal crimes against humanity. The group is known to have huge support from Erdogan forces, the Turkish MiT intelligence and the parts of the Turkish army with Islamist leaders.

The kidnapped Lebanese men in north of Syria
The kidnapped Lebanese men in north of Syria

Members of the kidnappers were seen in photos with US senator John McCain released end of May 2013 as we reported earlier, McCain’s meeting with the terrorists was at a border post under the supervision of the Turkish Erdogan forces, leaving no doubt to the enablers such terrorist groups operate under. {Highly advise you to check the post McCain the Kidnapper for better insight.}

Qatari new Emir tries to bolster his image as a fixed to the problems his father got their tiny gas-station-state into, the new Emir who inherited the rule democratically from his father after the latter was instructed to do so by a CIA officer in Doha due to the failure of terrorist groups operating under the Qatari sponsorship failed in its ‘peaceful revolution to change the Syrian regime’.

The Syrian state has facilitated all efforts to secure the release of the kidnapped civilians even on the account of the Syrian people by releasing a number of terrorists in the exchange process. We’re awaiting for further confirmation as the Lebanese head of security Major General Abbas Ibrahim has confirmed to Al Manar TV that the kidnapped are in safe hands, but there was a similar precedent which ended up bad after the former Lebanese PM Saad Hariri interfered, he stays in Saudi Arabia. We pray this time there will be a happy ending, Syrians paid heavy price for securing the lives of these kidnapped civilians and SAA refrained from carrying out any operation in the entire north west area for the fear for their lives allowing terrorists to gain more ground.

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