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Alleged Soldier Brutally Slaughtered by alQaeda Linked Terrorists

image-The picture is full of irony: The severed head is shown to the crowd by a Wahhabi terrorist who is wearing a Coca-Cola shirt. Coca-Cola, the symbol for western freedom.

Deir ez-Zor, Syria – Dozens of executions are being carried out in the 6th largest city of Syria, Deir ez-Zor.

Terrorist groups who are directly linked to al-Qaida like Jabhat al-Nusra or other anti-Islamic Wahhabi groups like the Ahfad Muhammad Brigade are very active and holding strategically non-important areas in the city of Deir ez-Zor.

This beheading took place on the 15th of August 2013, which could be connected to the unsuccessful August 2013 offensive in Deir ez-Zor by extremist groups. According to the cameraman, a Syrian soldier was captured. The executer is using a medium-sized knife to behead the man, whose hands are tied behind his back.

The picture is full of irony: The severed head is shown to the crowd by a Wahhabi terrorist who is wearing a Coca-Cola shirt. Coca-Cola, the symbol for western freedom.

During the video, the executor is telling the cameraman two times to put the mobile phone away, since he suspects that he is filming. It’s obvious that the estimated number of unknown cases regarding beheading/executions is very high – they don’t want to be filmed.

The crowd accuses the man to be a “Nusayri”, an Alawite. It is disgusting how sectarian these Wahhabi terrorists are thinking. The Koran forbids such crimes principally. During their slaughtering, everyone tries to shout as loud as he can “Allahu Akbar” – this has absolutely nothing to do with God.

At the end of the video, the cameraman says from 02:37: “Allahu Akbar, 08/15/2013. Slaughtering of a sniper by the lions of Jabhat al-Nusra“. Jabhat al-Nusra in Deir ez-Zor is led by Abu Salam Tabsah, who might be among the extremists.

In the video you can also see a lot of children, children in the age of 7 to 9 years.

Warning, the video contains highly GRAPHIC material, your discretion is advised:

ps. To view the original featured image above with no blurring click here, warning, it’s highly Graphic.

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  1. Yasmine

    In their hearts are a disease…..and Allah, guides whom he wills. What evil possess a person to be this way????? Quran 2:256 “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.”

      • Sanjin

        Christians are not doing that, neither Muslims. All mankind involved in such activities, directly or inderictly are responsible. These crimes are not related to any religion.

        • József Szabó

          Emlékezzünk arra mikor az ilyen dolgok 7köznapiak voltak.A kereszténység nem volt rest mondva csinált okokkal lemészárolni emberek tucatjait,százait,mert másként gondolkodott.Isten nem adott erre utasítást csupán az ember befolyással bírt az akkor még írni,olvasni nem nagyon tudó népre.Meg voltak félemlítve.Ez mit itt láttunk csupán árnyéka annak mit a keresztesek tettek a kereszt nevében.Mindig is az ember a hibás nem a vallás.Sokan használják azt önös célokra…,és egy ilyen láttán ki mer nemet mondani egy helyi vezetőnek ki isten katonájának tartja magát…

      • For

        Don’t mess Jessus and the christianity with these people… I can name myself squirrel, but this do not make me squirrel… These ones who “gives weapons” are NOT christians, my friend… But there is one truth… One day we will stand before Jessus, and will answer for our godless life…

    • Mr.Question

      I wish both these religious idiots understand that : 1. Both are praying to the same god. 2. Neither exists. All religions are evil. Grow up! There’s no magical Kingdom in the sky! Say it out loud and listen to how ridiculous you sound?

  2. Tom Skylark

    Revelation 20:4 mentions Christians being beheaded for their testimony before Jesus Christ returns. Its better to believe in Jesus Christ now before the anti-Christ appears. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 says Christians will be taken to Jesus before the anti-Christ reigns for mankind’s last 7 years. Revelation 13:6 reveals the anti-Christ will blasphemy God and those who are in HEAVEN. The 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 Christains will be in HEAVEN. Accept Christ now. John 3:16 and escape the 7 year holocaust which will come when the anti-Christ reigns and beheads Christians for their testimony. Revelation 20:4.

  3. Yasmine

    Religion is not the problem, people are. Remove religion and there would be another excuse put into place for wars to be justified. A very ignorant statement, you have made. If you think religion is the problem then you do not understand religion….but if you understand human nature and the greed of man, especially those in power, you shall see how they use the ignorance of people on a whole to influence those who use religion as the excuse, as they do not understand themselves. Prophet Isa had said, according to the Bible, “Love your neighbour as you love yourself.” and Prophet Mohammed said, “He will not enter Paradise whose neighbor is not secure from his wrongful conduct.” If you understand this then you understand many things. Obviously those people in this artical have overlooked this and enjoined that which is evil.

  4. Sanjin

    i can understand kids having no empathy or mercy, but adult person who did not became “human” in time … it’s to late to ” adjust” them. talking about religion is uselles. God’s creation is coming from absolute love. for each creature and plant on this planet. not from some space factory. cutting throats to animals and people is perversion and spiting in face of God. whatever reason is. especially when doing in name of religion. and people allways has some reason. to kill, to bomb, to lie , to steal… to mutilate animals , nature , people. in the name of who? in war everybody lose. one lose life, the other lose soul. there is no winner in war. war is useless.

  5. bobby

    These are barbarians without soul, education, feelings and human character! This is not a war! But a cheer terrorism imposed on syrians. Most of them are even not Syrians. They are just cannibals from saudi arabia, turkey,qatar and Jordan under the command of the zionist Obama administration and Israel.They miscalculated. they thought it would be as easy as in Libya. But Syria has proved to be a hard core no matter what. Their last attempt is what they we seeing here. They are defeated so they can only show thieir animalism, callousness and barbarism.
    The world should wake up against these sort of acts!
    The so-called western countries will keep quiet over this because this is their nature anyhow. remember England where people and their kings were beheaded! remember the french revolution where 1000s were guillotined per day. But sure syria will win. I am only sad because syria is being disarmed of its deterrent- Chemical Weapons!

  6. Tom Skylark

    The man holding the head has a demonic smile on his face. We are definitely living in the days of Bible prophecy fulfillment since the world is getting more wicked with each passing day.

  7. benjamin

    WTF has this world gone mad? what hey lets give weapons to slaughter our own people.oh wait he used a knife really. and then post this on facebook.the whole world is bein overrun by terroists even here in the about all the countries come together and just nuke the whole damn planet, simply because humans don’t deserve such a beautiful place and maybe this planet would be better off without us living on it

  8. mr.bonez

    its these higher powers who influence hatered towards another, look what mess they have done those who only seek power and arms and control also the media is one big fuckn bitch!!!!! there entities should be shutdown were is the focus on real issues instead they teach us to fear or fight dont let anyone control u control yourself :) peace is a dream war and violence is reality thats a fact!!!!

    • Cahangir

      Not here to do with Qur’an. These people are just a spot in Islam. They desecrate the Qur’an. In the Qur’an this is not to teach. This dastardly deed Anti Islamists

  9. hrc

    Sorry to the muslin posting here.. but Obama is not Christian , Kerry is not a Cristian , Erdogan is not a christian , Saudi king and Qatar King are not Christians. In the west majority of people when born ,they are initiate in the christian religion ,but that does not means they are christians. 90% of criminals in US jails comes from CHristian families.. that do not means they are christians.. Christians are people who attend christian church every week regularly ,and participate in all its events.. CHristianity contrary to Islam is a religion of peace. and thats the reason why so few participate ,because find that very difficult to do.. to be peaceful ,you will not find a single line in Jesus Teachings that tells people to kill or to attack others. Even the most extremist Christians ,that is the monks who live isolated from the world they do not believe in violence.. the most extremist instead believe that through personal suffering they can gain favors with God.. This is why the extremist christians mulitate their bodies.. to inflict pain in themselves but thats were their terrorism ends. .. For the Muslin people ,Life if very sacred for christian religion. And not even Criminals are justified to be killed. Their teachings are very easy to explain but very hard to follow.. that is to love even your enemies.

  10. hrc

    But it also true only a minority of the muslin are extremist.. All said.. The source of terrorism in syria
    is the combination of Wahabbism + Zionism. The zionist give the weapons ,and the wahabbist do the killings.

  11. Tom Skylark

    Tom Skylark did not call anyone a Gronk or a faggot. This e-mail post sticks sometime leaving other people’s e-mail addresses in plain sight to highjack.

  12. Fakhriddin

    Israel is father and Saudi, Qatar, USA and Western countries are sons of evil. These people are criminals from Saudi who were let out from Saudi prison. Saudi is not muslim country. This is evil’s country!!!

  13. S.Mashinini

    My Holy Prophet Muhammad [P] and His Holy Progeny were send to Perfect the Behaviour,Charator and Conduct of People For us to be accountable for our Action.
    Extrimist Religio-Political Pharasis of the World who pretend to love and Serve God have fulfil The Book On The Age Of Time and the Reappearance of The Awaited Meshdi and the Return of The Meshih.
    1.My Prophet forbid the Killing of the Innocent be it non-Muslims let alone Believers when they are
    not at war with You.(Terrorisim)
    2.He forbid the Distraction of any kind of Vegetation (Global-Worming).
    3.He forbid the Demolition of Grave-Shrines,Temples,Synogogs,Churchers let alone Mosques and other
    Public Properties (Clush of Civilizations).
    The Big Idea of the Dark Lord AL-CIA-DA are the Servants and Foreruners of The Tiranical Leader of The New World Order.

  14. rahmani

    الاسلام بريئ من مثل هده التصرفات ’حتى المشركين لم ينكلوا بهم بل يتركهم الرسول يقيدوهم فكيف بدبحهم و التنكيل بهم ’والله ما هدا بالاسلام من شيئ سوى تحقيق مصالح. و اخيرا اقول لمن راى هدا المقطع الله ورسوله بريؤون مما يفعل الجاهلون

  15. Dr. Lohmus Ramsurn



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